Having tried to contain the Covid-19 epidemic for two years, real-world evidence suggests that the measures adopted globally have failed in their primary objective of “controlling the virus”, whilst at the same time causing immense harm. Indeed, there is no compelling evidence supporting lockdown restrictions, social distancing, mask mandates or vaccine mandates.

As healthcare professionals we therefore demand:

1. An immediate halt to all Covid-19 mandates and, if deemed necessary, a switch to the use of purely voluntary measures such as those practised during  outbreaks of seasonal influenza.

2. An immediate review of policies and procedures adopted under the guise of the Covid-19 emergency measures.

3. An immediate review of the role of policymaking, regulatory bodies and task groups involved in Covid-19 policy recommendations and mandates.

4. The establishment of a process to hold accountable – where deemed appropriate – those individuals and organizations involved in the promulgation, implementation and enforcement of Covid-19 policies, procedures and mandates.

When the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, many countries adopted a non-negotiable stance and enforced policies and medical management based on biased data distributed by limited sources from a select group of institutions. Despite a lack of solid supporting evidence, and despite significant internal discord within these institutions, governments, policy makers, regulators and medical advisors chose to follow and impose a single, unwavering narrative on their nations to the exclusion of any other viewpoints. This had devastating economic repercussions and has undermined trust in the medical profession.

The economic repercussions of the Covid-19 policies will be felt for years to come. The monetary costs of measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus have drastically outweighed the costs of the direct effects of the virus itself. The gap between economic classes has widened considerably, with a minority of select stakeholders enjoying great increases in wealth, while the majority of people experience economic decline.

A relationship of trust between doctor and patient should be at the core of Medicine. But, despite some physicians and medical groups having developed potentially effective early treatment protocols for Covid-19, using approved and well-established medicines, governments, policy makers, regulators and medical advisors chose to suppress and even criminalize any discussion of the use of these medicines in the management and care of patients. They also chose to enforce questionable medical protocols that, in some countries, may well have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of numerous individuals. This included possible over-prescribing of Midazolam for care-home patients in Britain, the inappropriate application of “Do Not Resuscitate” orders, and the use of Remdesivir and early intubation for hospital patients in the USA.

While effective early treatments were being suppressed, candidate mRNA ‘vaccines’ were rushed to market under emergency use authorization (EUA). Despite being inadequately tested, these novel and unconventional gene-based injections continue to be forced on populations through mandates and coercion. While they are constantly touted as ‘safe and effective’, it is clear that these injections are failing, with boosters now being required regularly and unprecedented numbers of adverse reactions – including deaths – being reported.

It is our contention that as a result of the aforementioned failures by governments, policy makers, regulators and medical advisors, considerably more overall harm to health – including many more deaths – have resulted than would have been the case had prior pandemic planning policies been followed.

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