DAEN  Database :
106  reports of ‘Blindness’ following the Covid  jab
5,718  reports of ‘Eye Disorders‘

Following  the  publication  of  the  large peer-reviewed study in  Nature  which found the risk of retinal vascular occlusion more that doubles after COVID vaccination  –  I  went  and  had  a  look  at  DAEN  database  (Australian version  of  VAERS  in  the  USA) and  the  numbers  are  shocking. 

5,718  reports  of  eye  disorders  including  106  reports  of  blindness  –  with  females disproportionately effected (67%) 

That  doesn’t  sound  like  safe  &  effective.

And  we  have  no idea  of  the  true  numbers  due  to  the  voluntary nature  of  DAEN  &  likely high  percentage  of  under-reporting.