• The Facts:
    • Vicki Spit, whose fiancé Zion died after having the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, will become the first person in the UK to receive a Covid vaccine damage payment of £120,000. 
    • Vaccine Injury Reporting Systems around the world have experienced a record number of reports since the rollout of Covid shots.
  • Reflect On:
    • Why is it so simple for government to label a death as a “Covid” death, yet an entire investigation and autopsy must be done before one can even consider a death related to the vaccine? 
    • The standards don’t seem to be equal.

Vicki Spit has received £120,000 from the UK government for the death of her fiancé Zion, a former rock star who died after having an AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. The UK government provides a payment of £120,000 to people who are left severely disabled or worse as a result of vaccination. 

Days after his first dose, Zion suffered from an “excruciating” headache approximately one week after he was vaccinated. He was taken to Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary where his condition continued to worsen. He died on May 19th. His death certificate lists complications from vaccination, specifically brain bleeding as a possible factor according to some media outlets.

The Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme is operated by the NHS Business Services Authority and is based in Newcastle. Despite all of the vaccine injuries that have been reported all over the world, the organization still maintains that severe damage from the vaccine is extremely rare. Vicki was able to apply for compensation because the program allows someone to do so for someone who has died, as long as that person is managing their estate.

The program also states the following,

“All vaccines being used in the UK have undergone robust clinical trials and have met the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) strict standards of safety, effectiveness and quality.”

This statement contradicts the concerns that have been raised regarding the safety and efficacy of these vaccines, as well as the fraud that was uncoveredby the British Medical Journal that took place during the Pfizer clinical trial. That fraud still has yet to be investigated by the NHS and other health authorities. But why? 

Until now, no lump sums have been issued to more than 1,300 people who claimed vaccine damage claimants, despite the fact 400,000 people have reported vaccine side effects to UK vaccine injury reporting systems.

Speaking to GB News, Vikki, 39, said she finally feels as if she has recognition but is vowing to fight on for others – many of whom could now be due a payout themselves. Despite applying for the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme in early June of the same year, Ms Spit waited over a year for confirmation that she would receive the settlement. Her story was covered by the BBC in November 2021, and only now has she received compensation. 

While it may appear the story of Vicki and her fiancé is exceedingly rare, how can we know this to be true? At the moment, many scientists and doctors are raising concerns about Covid vaccinations, yet the topic goes largely unexplored and continues to be ridiculed, regardless of mounting evidence. 

Even up until now, it remains a conversation where mainstream conjecture uses labels like ‘anti-science’ and ‘conspiracy theory’ instead of discussing facts and exploring them wholeheartedly. This in itself is a huge problem. 

Multiple researchers have raised concerns about the spike protein from both the vaccine and the natural virus itself, and some have suggested it may be “toxic.” I published an article about this in March 2022 that goes into greater detail regarding the science behind these concerns. (If you’re interested, you can read that here)

As outlined by a number of studies to date, there is concerning evidence that,

“The spike protein, which is derived from SARS-CoV-2 and generated from the vaccines currently being employed, is not only able to cross the blood & brain barrier but may cause inflammation and/or blood clots in the brain.”

“How Does Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Coronavirus-2 Affect the Brain and Its Implications for the Vaccines Currently in Use.” National Library of Medicine.

Many serious adverse reactions have been reported to vaccine injury reporting systems around the world since the Covid vaccination campaigns began. In fact, according to what’s reported in vaccine monitoring systems, approximately 50% of serious vaccine injuries reported in the last 30 years are from Covid inoculations. 

There are many examples. Pathologists who examined the autopsies of two teenage boys who died days after receiving Pfizer’s Covid vaccine concluded that the vaccine most likely caused the teens’ deaths. Furthermore, anecdotal evidence from people sharing what they perceive to be their vaccine induced injuries has exploded on social media over the last two years. Jab Injuries Australia is one of them, Jab Injuries Canada is another. 

What to make of these anecdotal cases can be hard to say, but should we not be investigating with the same effort and rigor as we do with things like long Covid?

Yet another question, why is it so simple for government to label a death as a “Covid” death, yet an entire investigation and autopsy must be done before one can even consider a death related to the vaccine? The standards don’t seem to be equal.

It’s been revealed that many Covid “deaths” around the globe may not have been a result of Covid yet they are added to the death count. While those who claim to be injured by the vaccine are ignored. Madie De Garray is a great example, she was severely injured during Pfizer’s clinical trial for 12-15 year olda, yet she was told it’s “all in her head.”

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