A year ago, two of the top vaccine officials in the FDA who had held their positions for decades abruptly announced they would resign. Given the importance of their positions, these resignations were a political earthquake when they occurred (note: all sources for these screenshots are linked to within the images).

The officials cited the CDC’s inappropriate involvement in the vaccine approval process and the Biden administration strong arming them on approving boosters as the basis for their resignation. However, many speculated it was because they were fully aware of how disastrous their COVID vaccine approvals were and their decision to quit was motivated by a desire to protect themselves from legal liability of their decision to approve the vaccines.

Since that time, a variety of signs (including statements to the media from insiders) have emerged that the leadership of the CDC, NIH and FDA has lost the support of their workforce who have become demoralized by the unscientific and harmful policies they are being required to follow. For example, Congress’s independent watchdog group, the GAO, has documented that many members of these departments have observed corrupt political interference that caused scientific evidence to be ignored when crafting the policies that decided the responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. I would argue this “political interference” was the root cause of why we had such a dysfunctional pandemic response, and I produced a three part series substantiating this argument in the hope it might do a bit to help to prevent similar mistakes from being made in the future.

The Dominos Begin to Fall

Out of nowhere, on July 22, Deborah Birx (the individual who I argued was the individual most responsible for the disastrous COVID-19 response by fanatically pushing the lockdowns and vaccines) admitted the vaccines were a scam.

Not long after (eleven days ago), the CDC suddenly reversed their longstanding sacred pandemic policies (ie. discriminating against the unvaccinated or requiring social distancing) that our institutions had forbidden all criticisms of, including some bordering on the absurd like masking and social distancing when conducting intimate physical relations. It should be noted that the CDC has recommended similar nonsensical guidelines for other infectious diseases in the past (that were typically not paid attention to; el gato malo provides an excellent overview here), but as far as I know, those recent events marked the first time the CDC has ever rescinded their own guidelines.

In an article I wrote immediately following the announcement, on account of my understanding of the national PR apparatus, I predicted that the uniform media messaging behind it in the mainstream media (including a sudden willingness to criticize the CDC) meant that a top level policy decision had suddenly been made to pivot on the pandemic response.

Six days later, the CDC made a more formal announcement on this topic (where it was also revealed the highly influential members of the Senior Executive Service, a highly influential division of executives within the federal government had recently completed a scathing internal review of the agency).

Anthony Fauci

If one observes Fauci’s career, it is very clear he has invested an enormous amount of work to position himself as one of the most powerful people in America, and he did this by taking control of our public scientific apparatus and selling it out to the pharmaceutical (and biotech) industry. Power is addictive, and by all indications, Fauci had no intention of ever letting it go (this is part of why he lies continuously).

Because Fauci was directly responsible for much of what happened with COVID-19, there has been a movement to fire him which has been spearheaded by Rand Paul.

The mainstream media in turn has worked tireless to defend Fauci against accusation of impropriety.

Throughout this, Fauci has remained adamant he would never leave his position (“absolutely, unequivocally”).

Then out of the blue last month, he hinted he might change positions in 2024 at the end of Biden’s term.

Then today…he quit.

What Does This Mean?

I suspect at least one of the three following scenarios is occurring:

•The federal government (and deep state) suddenly decided they needed to end COVID-19 and is making a full reversal on this policy. Keep in mind that the language in many of the news article I have reviewed (such as Fauci’s above 11/14/21 statement) argue that these actions are being taken because of the arbitrary decision that the pandemic is “over.”

•Polling has determined the current pandemic response is no longer sustainable (either due to the economic costs of it, public disapproval of the policies, or lack of support from the business community and federal work force).

•The key officials involved in the pandemic response are now seriously concerned about the criminal liability they will face for their complicity in the pandemic response and pushing the vaccines on the public, and are pursuing a strategy of resigning so that when public outrage explodes, the public’s focus (and perusal of criminal liability) will not be directed towards them since they no longer occupy these positions.

In turn, I suspect the following is causing these scenarios to emerge:

•As time progresses, the issues with the vaccines will become more evident and harder to ignore. This is partly due to them effectively being designed to fail (so as time moves forward, they will become less and less effective until the vaccinated end up having a higher risk of COVID-19 than the unvaccinated), and partly due to the vaccine toxicity (and risk of sudden death) increasing with time due to the continual synthesis of spike protein from artificial mRNA that perpetually resists being metabolized within the body.

•The move for criminal indictments against the perpetrators such as Fauci appears to be gaining steam. The legal approaches to prevent these crimes from occurring in the future are critical to understand and was the focus of a recent article. The officials who have pushed the pandemic policies and COVID vaccines on the public have repeatedly been warned they can face criminal liability for their actions. I am now hopeful the tide has shifted enough that they are now highly worried about this possibility.

•Whatever needed to be done with the pandemic (such as vaccinating a sufficient portion of the population) has now been accomplished.

•The political establishment is expecting a populist wave to be elected this November which will seriously investigate those responsible for COVID-19.

Source – https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/why-are-the-top-vaccine-officials