• The Facts:
    • Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for procuring children for prominent figures, including her partner Jeffrey Epstein. 
    • A list of her clients has never been made public. 
    • Focus and attention has remained on Epstein and Maxwell, not others.
  • Reflect On:With all we’ve learned in recent years about sex trafficking connected to powerful worldly figures, can we ever expect we’ll get a clear story and investigation from within law enforcement?

Many people including journalists and celebrities are calling for the release of Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list. Maxwell is the former partner of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who suspiciously “killed himself” in jail back in 2020. Maxwell has just begun serving a 20 year sentence for procuring children not only for Epstein, but for other high profile clients as well. 

But there’s one problem, a list of those clients that Maxwell provided trafficking services for has not been released. Why? Who are these people?

Perhaps it’s because having ones name on a client list does not automatically implicate that person and tie them to child sex trafficking or pedophilia. Should a list be released without investigation, it could cause great harm to these people’s image unnecessarilyAs a result, perhaps it’s remaining private and within the realms of the courts while an investigation is completed.

Then again, perhaps it’s a result of powerful people. Think about it, if Jeffrey Epstein was indeed murdered in a penitentiary, where 24 hour personnel and video surveillance was supposed to be happening while he was on “suicide watch,” ask yourself, what type of influence and power would be required to pull something like his murder off? Could this same power be used to protect this client list?

Thankfully, details around Epstein’s death aren’t mere “conspiratorial” thoughts. Former New York City medical examiner and forensic pioneer Dr. Michael Baden was hired by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother and has shared his view that Epstein was murdered. There were many calls for investigation and inquiry, but these stories were quickly buried by the media and forgotten by the general public. 

Ghislaine Maxwell no doubt had access to the same information as Jeffrey Epstein. Christopher Mason (pictured here with Maxwell), a  TV host and journalist known for his book, “The Art of the Seal” which exposed a price-fixing scandal of elite people who cheat clients out of millions, has known Ghislaine Maxwell since the 1980s. He was told that Epstein rigged his homes with cameras and kept surveillance tapes of everyone. He claimed Maxwell has access to all of this footage. Just imagine what type of leverage that would bring?

The common theme that comes up in elite sex trafficking testimony and investigation is “blackmail.” 

Mason is not the only one to accuse Epstein of being in the blackmail business. Jeffrey Epstein has clear ties to intelligence, including both U.S. and Israeli intelligence. For example, a 2019 interview given by former high-ranking official in Israeli military intelligence, Zen Shalev, revealed that Epstein has a sexual blackmail business, and that the operation was actually an Israeli intelligence operation run for the purposes of entrapping powerful individuals and politicians all over the world. 

This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg when it comes child sex trafficking and pedophilia, and it really sheds light on just how corrupt our political world is. If many of our “leaders” and those charged with looking out for our best interests are involved in such things, can they truly be considered as being good leaders? What other destructive acts are they capable of?

True Story or Hoax?

In the United States, the Franklin Scandal made waves in 1989. Investigations, whistleblower and child victim accounts alleged that hundreds of children were flown around the US to be abused by high-ranking ‘Establishment’ members on both the left and the right of the political spectrum. Here is a paper published in the Journal of European Psychiatry, which also details the horrific, occult like actions many of these children have experienced.

Regardless of the degree of evidence, a Grand Jury selected by the state determined behind closed doors that the account was nothing more than a hoax and the entire story was dropped. Many long time investigators continue to uncover evidence and strongly suggest that this was nothing more than a hand selected grand jury to acquit the wrong doing of very powerful people. Even now, social media “fact checkers” have branded the Franklin Scandal as false and non-existant, emphasizing that the legal system determined it to be hoax.

One of Epstein’s accusers, Virginia Giuffre, pictured here with Prince Andrew told a story of three 12 year old girls that were flown in from France to be abused by Epstein. The corroboration between this story and the actions claimed within the Franklin Scandal is striking.

How Far Does it Reach?

The exact details, who is involved, and how many levels of horrific there are may never be known fully. When you dive deeply into politics, Hollywood, the Department of Defense, Royal Families, and the Vatican, you’ll fast realise just how prevalent claims related to issue are. 

A few years ago, Cardinal George Pell became the highest ranking Vatican official to ever be convicted of child sexual abuse. Yet now, he has now been freed from jail after Australia’s highest court overturned his conviction. Interestingly, it was Pell himself that established The Diocesan Commission Into Sexual Abuse. This is a common theme. The ones who we go to combat these problems are often, it seems, involved themselves. 

Hundreds of employees at the US Depertment of Defense have been implicated in child pornography and using Pentagon servers share or procure images.

These days, it doesn’t matter how prevalent an issue is. What’s relevant seems to be dictated by those that hold power among big social media giants and mainstream media networks. Facebook is practically run by the US Department of Defense it seems, with many of its high profile employees being former NSA directors, or DARAP chief’s for example. 

We see the same connections between government and mainstream media, it’s like a revolving door reminiscent of the one between big pharmaceutical and food companies and Federal Health Regulatory agencies like the CDC and/or the FDA. This type of collusion is, although transparent, never really important nor acknowledged within the minds of many – it’s simply accepted and not questioned.

Dissenting voices of ‘officially established narratives’ are done away with technologically and practically left with no voice at all, or even worse, subjected to inhumane conditions and torture like Wikileaks’ Julian Assange. 

For these reasons and many more, we may never really know the people involved in elite child sex trafficking. This is one of several dozen reasons I do not vote, it completely conflicts with my morals and ethics to do so. But it’s not that hard to believe, if presidents and politicians have no problem giving the order to kill and bomb innocent people and children overseas, child sex trafficking doesn’t seem that shocking. 

It’s not all bleak though. Here at The Pulse we have spoken to multiple people who claim they have been victims of child sex trafficking, and elite child sex trafficking. Our interview with Anneke Lucas shed light on not just the story of her journey being trafficked, but the beautiful transformation in human consciousness this issue can help spark, personally and collectively.

Truth is coming to light. And in the process we learn a lot about our world and what we can do to transform it. Without facing these tough questions, these acts continue in the darkness of silence and denial,

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