The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) has raised concerns over the mounting death toll associated with the pandemic and the rise in censorship for anyone who dares to go against the narrative. Concerns raised by the AAPS include the unknown number of people who have died from as opposed to with COVID-19, vaccine-related deaths, and deaths associated with strict government pandemic policies that have impacted individuals and businesses alike (For example covid mandate related deaths).

According to one expert, record numbers of people are dying close after receiving vaccines –  86% of the time there is no other cause (see for example sports deaths on the rise). About 50% of those deaths occur within 2 days of taking the shot and 80% within a week.

Despite this, anyone who dares to question these deaths or attempt to link deaths post-injection is targeted and silenced. Although anyone who does dare to speak out risks being discredited and isolated professionally, some dare to seek the truth.

researcher examining post-injection covid deaths across several American states identified high death rates within a week of receiving an injection and the second wave of deaths peaking around 180 days post-injection. Many of the deaths occurring quickly post-injection were caused by cardiac arrest, with later deaths identified as potentially from “COVID-19” or misdiagnosed illness.

These later deaths according to the researcher may be due to a toxin persisting longer in the body, potentially evading the natural immune system. James Hill, M.D, J.D suggests the variation of mRNA between lot batches is considerable and that the manufacturers are conducting toxic dose range testing without consent. This view is supported by other experts in America and Europe.

Analysis was conducted on flu vaccines by lot numbers involving 30 years’ worth of data. The analysis included an examination of the rate of serious adverse events and deaths associated with flu vaccines over time, by lot numbers. Results showed a range of 1-37 reports of serious adverse events including death per lot for the flu vaccine – with an average of 3 per lot (one lot is around 500,000 doses) (It is important to note that the range of 1-37 included two outliers – that is two lots produced very different results to the rest of the data).

When the same analysis was conducted on COVID19 vaccine lots (Janssen, Moderna, and Pfizer) using data obtained from the CDC in 2021 the range was between 1-1544 over 371 lot numbers from the US only. Some lots had few adverse events, but others had significant numbers of adverse events, suggesting the manufacturing process is flawed.

According to experts, even though systems are in place to detect and respond to these issues no action was taken. Of concern is that manufacturers would have known that the lots were producing substantially different numbers of adverse events, and this, experts say, is the biggest proof of intent.

If they allow this to continue it is intentional harm.

When data was adapted to account for different lot sizes (Pfizer 1.6million/Moderna 1.1 million and Janssen and flu 500,000 to compare apples to apples) findings again showed significant differences between the lots, between manufacturers, and between COVID-19 and flu vaccines.

Although this research was conducted using US data, it is likely the findings would be transferrable to other countries, such as Australia.

As reported on 16 April 2022 by AFIPN, Queensland has experienced a 40% rise in code 1 calls related to heart attacks, chest pain, and breathing difficulties. Similar rises have been seen in other Australian states and whilst health departments appear perplexed by these substantial increases, some believe it may be associated with post-injection adverse reactions.

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