Elon Musk has just six weeks before beverage giant PepsiCo takes delivery of the first Tesla Semi, an all-electric class 8 truck — and a new video posted online of a seemingly broken down prototype truck on a highway in Northern California may suggest some kinks need to be worked out before production is ramped up. 

Footage posted on YouTube shows a Semi on the side of an on-ramp in Fremont, California – near Tesla’s factory. It’s unclear if the Semi ran out of electricity or experienced a mechanical problem, but one thing is sure: a Tesla service vehicle is parked behind the truck, which indicates something went wrong. 


Last week, Musk tweeted PepsiCo would begin receiving the Semi on Dec. 1. 

“500-mile range and super fun to drive,” Musk tweeted.

The Semi was revealed to the public five years ago and experienced delay after delay. The latest footage of a brokedown prototype truck doesn’t exactly instill confidence in the degree of reliability of the first generation of this truck. 

Source – https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/video-shows-tesla-semi-truck-broken-down-highway-just-six-weeks-deliveries