🇦🇺 Australian survey participants wanted!

Do you think police have done a good job during the COVID-19 pandemic? Have your say via the link below

This survey aims to explore Australians opinions towards the police as well as, investigate the relationship between COVID-19 and these attitudes.

Project Aim
This research project has two aims. The first aim is to discover current Australian attitudes towards the police. The second aim is to explore the relationship between current attitudes towards the police and the potential impacts of COVID-19 on these attitudes.

General Outline of the Project
This project seeks to understand people’s attitudes towards the police. Research has highlighted a noticeable change in the way individuals perceive the police. This project will first explore the current attitudes towards the police and will have a COVID-19 focus to determine whether this change is pandemic related.  This project will ask participant’s numerous survey styles questions followed by several open-ended questions. 

Please note, this survey does deal with sensitive topics and if at any point you feel uncomfortable, or do not wish to answer, you may leave the answers blank. This survey is entirely voluntary, and you may exit at any time.

SURVEY LINK- https://uoc.syd1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5pc4cdZMgUdYsUS?fbclid=IwAR3FR-eRUEdq-Igv7ocfo1SPAVtyTBzvpGzNPdknYJN3ZUyB1FHatCt3pb4