People for Safe Vaccines has issued its third supplementary report on COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness in Australia.

In this report we look at 2022 daily averages of COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths and compare them with prior years. The increase in daily averages across the country, especially in Queensland and Western Australia is nothing short of shocking.

The following table summarises the key findings set out in this report. The figures are current for National to 30/3/22, ACT to 13/4/22, NSW to 13/4/22, Qld to 13/4/22 and WA to 12/4/22.

The report also examines how the current situation conflicts with statements made by ATAGI in their recommendations, how our healthcare professionals are being muzzled by AHPRA, six-month delays to get appointments at Western Australia’s COVID Vaccine Adverse Reactions clinic and financial conflicts of interest with the TGA.

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