This post is from a NSW Ambulance worker:

“…For those who don’t know I work in NSW Ambulance control and have done for the last 18 years . I personally take up to 120 calls per shift for ambulance assistance and I am flabbergasted that it appears no hospital staff in NSW ie doctors or nurses in emergency rooms have come out with the information….

I am hearing call after call of people having adverse and serious reactions to these vaccines so much so that I have flagged this with other staff and managers who agree, one who stated it is absolutely no coincidence that many cardiac events whether they be cardiac arrest or heart palpitations etc directly follow these vaccines and callers are stating that they have never had events like this before and directly connect it with the vaccines. There are exponentially more people being hospitalised in NSW due to these adverse reactions than to Covid itself .

I’m reaching out here not because I’m trying to convince any of you of this but I’m currently on a few days off as I’m not coping well with knowing this information first hand and just want to share and have some support (maybe there are doctors or nurses in this group who agree?) each time I go to work , although I have declined the vaccinations officially I am still asked again and again .

The 51 yo woman who died on Monday was Covid positive but she was found dead by her family at 910am and when the paramedics arrived they pronounced her dead on site ( no attempt to resuscitate), I took this call and the investigation that followed was completely out of the ordinary so as the government could add to its Covid death stats and vaccination propaganda! There is absolutely no way she had had an autopsy and the actual reason for death was confirmed by the 6pm news! Why I need a few days break is that I cannot bear to hear another beautiful elderly man weeping because his wife is unconscious and has death breath 3 days post Astra Zeneca and no one is doing a thing to investigate this!!