The following clip and summary come from an interview by Ezra Levant of Rebel News with a Dutch activist. She discusses the Nitrogen Policy pushed by the World Economic Forum, and its role in stealing farmland. Don’t underestimate Bill Gates’ role either.

The Netherlands doesn’t need a Nitrogen Policy. It isn’t a crisis and nitrogen isn’t a problem. Holland is a small country surrounded by larger countries that don’t have to abide by a Nitrogen Policy. The real reason for the policy is the Dutch government wants the land.A group of curious cows in the summer evening light. A typical Dutch rural scene.

Farmers are ungovernable in the sense that they are self-sustaining and own a lot of land.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is very deeply embedded in The Great Reset of the World Economic Forum.

The Dutch minister who has pushed this nitrogen law has a brother-in-law who owns the Dutch online supermarket called PICNIC.

Bill Gates invested 600 million Euros in PICNIC last year. PICNIC is building the most sustainable European supermarket.

The WEF Great Resetters are rushing now because the plan is to have this all done by 2030 – Agenda 2030.

The elite “see a future for us where we are completely dependent on the State, eat bugs, they own your land, you own nothing and you’ll be happy is what they say.”

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