Renee Wegrzyn is Biden’s New Chief of the Bio-Economy

Renee’s rise as Biden 1st ARPA-H director, formed by a September 12, 2022 executive order, regarding bioengineering in the bio-economy[1], is not by mere accident. The whole-of-government approach desired likely came out of Wegrzyn’s 4-year plus stint at DARPA and her obsession with CRISPR CAS9 technologies. However, there is a larger story to be explored here.

3 weeks prior to the issuance of this far-reaching executive order, Renee’s company, Ginkgo Bioworks, acquired an epidemiological database from Baktus, Inc.[2] Baktus is a front company formed in California in August 2021 to house Metabiota.[3] Metabiota was founded by renowned virologist Nathan Wolfe. Wolfe, and his partner, Michael Kertesz, filed a $7.5M equity offering on September 30, 2021.[4] Baktus then sold its Metabiota subunit to Ginkgo Bioworks for $9.1 million according to recent SEC filings.[5]

Wolfe, named in 2011 to Time magazine’s 100 most influential persons of the year [6], garnered $30 million in Series A funding to Metabiota through Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners. The 2015 Fierce Biotech article noted Wolf’s desire forepidemic insurance” in some detail.[7]

In Wolfe’s highly praised book, Viral Storm, Wolfe noted both Jeffrey Epstein and Boris Nikolic as influential.[8,9] Dr. Nikolic was a chief science advisor for Bill Gates for a decade [10,11], and a board director at Schrodinger.[12] Schrodinger garnered a Series B investment by Gates, topping $50 million dollars.[13] In October 2021, the Gates Foundation kicked another $4.9 million into the pot.[14] Nikolic, in August 2019, was named back-up executor to the suicided Epstein just two days prior to that suicide.[15]

Dr. Nikolic & Dr. Robert Langer were board members at ‘Particles for Humanity’ that desired to embed vaccine tracking under the skin. [16,17] This project was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and has multiple foundation members involved in its operation. [18]

Moderna was co-founded by Langer in the early 2010s. [19,20] With the COVID crisis vaccine push, Langer’s shares in Moderna made him a paper billionaire.[21] As to the aforementioned project, in December 2019, Drs. Kevin McHugh and Robert Langer published on this technology a Science Translational Medicine paper called, “Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination.”[22]

A Chinese company, WuXi AppTec, is a key partner and Series E investor at then, privately held Schrodinger.[23] WuXi is closely connected to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) through a $3.3B privatizing investment by Jiang “Alvin” Zhicheng, founder of Boyu Capital [24,25], and the grandson of Jiang Zemin, the former leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

WuXi entered a 2015 merger agreement with Shanghai’s Fosun Pharma [26] who later partnered with BioNTech-Pfizer on March 16, 2020.[27, 28] The BioNTech-Pfizer agreement calls for producing the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine with a 65/35 royalty agreement.[29]  Pfizer outsourced all their vaccine trial data analysis to Shanghai, China, hiring six data programmers during the Phase 2/3 of the BNT162 mRNA trial for COVID19.[30, pages 28-30]

These datasets, in the Pfizer mRNA trials, were under the watchful eyes of the PLA-connected management. Mr. Ji Hao was the Assistant to the President throughout the Fosun-Pharma-Pfizer trial. Hao spent 20 plus years attached to the PLA and the First Branch. Hao was elevated to Vice President at Fosun in January 2022. [See: Appendix]

Schrodinger went public conveniently in February 2020.[31] Its major institutional holders are: The BMGF Trust (11%), Vanguard (8%) and BlackRock (6%). [32] BlackRock and Vanguard hold substantial interests in Moderna and Pfizer, who are 95% of the U.S. vaccine market, for COVID19. Yet neither are used in China.[33,34]

Ginkgo Bioworks top investor matches up with Moderna’s in Baillie Gifford. [34,35] [CNN Nathan Wolfe Clip]

Hunter, Meta, Eco & Bio Labs

Ginkgo Bioworks acquired Metabiota’s CEO Nita Madhav in this August 2022 2-person deal. [36] The deal impacts Concentric by Ginkgo where Renee Wegrzyn was their VP of business development on K-12 testing that landed a $15-to-$61M contract with the CDC. [37, 38] That government contract started on August 16, 2022. This is just 3 days before Nita Madhav was traded to Ginkgo’s Concentric division [39] as Renee moved into the Biden administration as its chief biotechnologist on September 12, 2022. Her new agency has a billion-dollar plus budget at its outset.[40]

Metabiota has intriguing, long-standing ties to Ukraine. Dr. Mary Guttieri, Chief Science Officer, email directly Hunter Biden on April 4, 2014 stating that, “I’ve prepared the attached memo, which provides an overview of Metabiota, our engagement in Ukraine, and how we can potentially leverage our team, networks, and concepts to assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia and continued integration into Western Society.”[41, 42] Metabiota, with its government focus, signed a strategic agreement with In-Q-Tel [43], a CIA-funded technology startup, according to former CIA director George Tenet.[44]

Dr. Guitteri moved on to Labyrinth Global Health that subcontracted with Black & Veatch (B&V). B&V is a top U.S. government contract engineering outfit.[45] Labyrinth Global received nearly $420,000 regarding that sub-award, #19-6192, for work in Ukraine on November 12, 2019. The contract was for: “SME manuscript and COVID-19 research.” [46]

Metabiota, Mary’s former employer, received a $69,503 subcontract tied to “SME1 and SME 2 mentorship” in Ukraine on June 10, 2020. [47] Nathan Wolfe, for his coinciding activities, was pushing forth epidemic insurance, Munich Re [48], using the COVID crisis well in a June 2020 Wired piece. [49]

Labyrinth Global has offices in Ukraine, Cameroon, and Sierra Leone. [50] These are conveniently located by nearly all of Metabiota’s $126M grants funded by the U.S. government.[51] Metabiota worked alongside The Population Council, Inc. through two small USAID sub-awards in 2018 and 2019. [52] The Population Council is substantially funded by the BMGF as well.[53] 2014, it so happens, was Metabiota’s most well-funded year.

Nathan Wolfe and Nita Madhav are familiar as well with Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance (Eco). Wolf co-published an Emerging Infectious Diseases paper with Peter Daszak back in 2005. [54] Eco and Metabiota were co-publishing papers in the mid-2010s as well [55] and received U.S. government contracts totaling $244 million combined since 2008.[56,57] In February 2018, Wolfe co-authored a paper with Dr. George Gao, the director of the Chinese CDC, and Peter Daszak, published in Science.[58]

Dr. Gao in late March 2020 was eager to spread terrible techniques regarding social distancing and masking to all Western populations. [59] This was promoted by Jon Cohen, who wrote a substantial Science piece in January 2020 promoting the “wet market” hypothesis of SARS-COV-2. Eco’s Peter Daszak and Wuhan Institute Virologist (WIV) Shi Zhengli are cited, with Daszak saying, “Every time there is an emerging disease, a new virus, the same story comes out: [is] this a spillover or the release of an agent or bioengineered virus. It’s just a shame. It seems humans can’t resist controversy and these myths.” [60] [My emphasis.]

Eco’s primary grant-awarding agency is the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). (Metabiota matches this as well.) [61] But one particular $3.75 million grant sent forward a subcontract to the Wuhan (WIV). That grant was awarded by the NIAID, which Tony Fauci heads, to Eco through Health and Human Services (HHS) Department of the United States. [62]

An Eco October 2017 grant from the DoD for $6.5M was awarded for, “Understanding the Risk of Bat-borne Zoonotic Disease Emergence in Western Asia.”[63] The CFDA program on the grant lists: “Scientific Research – Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction.”[64]

Digging deeper, several subcontracts for this Eco grant tied to Georgia (in West Asia), but also to: “L. Sakvarelidze National Center for Disease Control and Public Health [with former U.S. Senator] Richard Lugar Public Health Research Center.” [65] A Turkish university is Eco grant-connected.[66]

The United States in 2011 partnered with the Georgians on a $100 million biological research lab. [67] Former ambassador to Afghanistan (2017-2020) John Bass, confirmed as Under Secretary of Management in the Biden Administration in late 2021 [68], was a key contact on this “biological research lab” as officials stated: “the lab will not be used to conduct any biological weapons research.” [69See: Appendix.

Finally, Eco in August 2020 received a $1.5M grant from the BMGF. [70] Eco garnered $25M from the U.S. in 2020. Its best fiscal funding year, by far.

Rocket Ship Renee

But back to Renee.

Renee’s Ginkgo and DARPA background connects to other players in the COVID19 drama. Moderna was a key customer for Ginkgo. Ginkgo assisted them in “process optimization”, starting in April 2020, regarding Moderna’s mRNA-1273 gene therapy/modification vaccine.[71] Renee though was not with Ginkgo at that time.

Her attendance at a September 2019 engineering symposium [72], where Ginkgo gave a presentation, likely fostered up the relationship, that became employment with Ginkgo, in August 2020. (Ginkgo has been long connected to DARPA through its earlier years. [73]) In 2018, on DARPAtv’s YouTube channel, Renee mentioned her work with IARPA [Intel] andtheBMGF. [74]

Renee is closely aligned to Dr. Jennifer Doudna’s CRISPR work, through DARPA, as shown in an obtained July 2017 email. [75] Doudna was cited in a September 2022 Nature article announcing Renee’s elevation to the new ARPA-H’s directorship.[76] Renee is well-acquainted with Bill Gates and his plans for all mosquitos. [Joe Allen: DARPA Clip from Jan 2019]

Hunter Biden also knows people at DARPA. His left-behind-laptop-emails showed a direct & personal connection that worked with Dr. Renee Wegrzyn [77] on funding a July 2017 gene drive project ran by Dr. John Godwin at NC State. Renee included Dr. Jennifer Doudna amongst the list of Who’s Who in gene editing, and other more exotic ideas on science in the future, including George Church. [78]

The 2019 published paper focused on New Zealand, in particular. [79] The objective was to target invasive species and their reproductive means while discussing biosecurity amongst various nation-state and corporate actors.

Drs. John Godwin and Ralph Baris attended at least two conferences held in North Carolina. One was a 2014 Evolution Conference where Godwin and the panel’s topic was: “Investigating the molecular basis of female-to-male sex change in fish.” Baric discussed coronaviruses & MERS. [80]

The Biotechnology Technology Office (BTO) office at DARPA [81], where Renee was housed, received in late March 2018 a project from Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance regarding a China-located DEFUSE project. [82] The project discussed the aerosolization of virus with gain-of-function manipulations to be headed up by Ralph Baric and Dr. Shi Zhengli, among others to provide their expertise. The project was rejected by DARPA’s BTO division. Dr. Fauci, however, did not reject this proposal. And it was stated that two of three DARPA reviewers marked it as “selectable.” [83, 84]


18 months later, Dr. Baric obtained, on December 12, 2019 [85, page 107], a release of material for coronaviruses to challenge animals for mRNA vaccines from a Moderna/NIAID partnership [86, page 105] that had a royalty structure agreement as well. [87, page 125] That material transfer agreement (MTA) was made by NIAID and Moderna four years earlier on November 9, 2015. [88, page 4] The NIAID patented this cooperative material release (CRADA) in a September 2015 filing.

The NIAID patent was titled: “Recombinant HIV-1 Envelope proteins and their use.” [89, page 41; 90, GP120/41 image below] NIAID Principal Deputy Director Hugh Auchincloss, Jr. signed off on this CRADA on August, 15 2016. [91, page 35] Repeatedly, MTA, CRADA, and NDA was renewed.

Recombinant HIV-1 Patent

On February 1, 2020, Tony Fauci e-mailed Hugh with Subject: IMPORTANT, and attached a Baric-SARS Gain of Function Study PDF, published from the mid-2010s, one assumes here. [92]

Moderna, just under two months after the MTA, received a $20M grant from BMGF in January 2016 which noted the grant would: “develop a novel platform technologies for antibodies or vaccines to reduce HIV acquisition in developing countries.”[93] The NIAID and Moderna noted in the Abstract of the Research Plan was, “will collaborate to develop vaccine candidates for Human Immunodeficiency Virus type 1 (HIV-1) based on antigens developed by the NIAID and using Moderna’s propriety mRNA vaccine technology.” [94, page 37]

Moderna filed their own patent, #9587003, on February 4, 2016. [95] The patent included an exact 19-string nucleotide sequence that included a non-naturally occurring Double CCG. This was discovered using BLAST, a biological search engine for amino acids and nucleotides of DNA and/or RNA sequences. This was published in Frontiers in Virology. [96]

Nicolas Wade, a long-time writer for Science, Nature and The New York Times [97], discussed this unusual nucleotide insert in a May 5, 2021 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists article. Wade, in detail, noted the unusual behaviors by Peter Daszak and his organizing the February 19, 2020 Lancet paper that dismissed any talk of lab-leak while pursuing only a nature-based origin. [98] Wade was highly critical of the work of Daszak, Shi, and Baric and noted this Double CCG sequence oddity in great detail. [99, 100]

On August 5, 2020, Ralph Baric and Moderna’s co-patent holder (#9587003), Sayda M. Elbashir [101], produced a timeline that is refutable. [102] The mentioning in Ukraine of Covid-19 studies in November 2019 [103] and Baric’s acquiring access to the NIAID patented sequence from 2015 with “HIV-1” profile on December 12, 2019. [104, page 107] Additionally, Sunny Himansu, who co-authored this Nature paper [105], is listed in the MTA/CRADA agreement signed in November 2015 by Moderna’s legal team. [106, page 73] The HIV sequence appeared in a BLAST search for the spike protein that is contained in SARS-COV-2.[107] Moderna’s patenting of a non-natural sequence undermines the thrust of Dr. Baric’s paper’s timeline, if not their science, namely, CCP sequences published on January 10, 2020. [108]

Baric Says There are 3-4 Approaches to Manipulate [Edit Made 10/3/22 @ 5:45A]

Moreover, a top microbiologist Kristian Andersen wrote directly to Tony Fauci that the virus appeared “engineered” on January 31st of 2020. This after being quoted in the Jon Cohen Science article. [109] On Saturday, February 1st, Fauci received an email from Wellcome Trust’s Jeremy Farrar [110] teleconferencing to “Hope it will help frame the discussions.” Fauci forwarded to Lawrence Tabak the meeting with a coronavirus sequence comparison PDF. [111] Daszak’s Lancet paper included many from this teleconference as either co-authors; or cited them for the paper’s scientific support.[112]

This Paper noted 4-GP120 Inserts on 1/31/20. UnAcceptable Jessica Discusses it.

But tellingly as well, Daszak stated it was “easy to manipulate coronaviruses in the lab [noting Ralph Baric, no less],” at a Singapore December 9-10, 2019 conference. A conference where Dr. Zhengli was in attendance. [113] The NIAID, CEPI and WHO were sponsors – all BMGF outfits – of this conference.[114] Baric was cited in the above Daszak Lancet paper. [115]

Not to be deterred at all by any of this, Peter Daszak co-chaired a vaccine hesitancy paper that included the concept of forced vaccination.[116] Dr. Julie Pavlin of the National Academies wrote to Dr. Tony Fauci on February 27, 2020 to organize this working paper. [117] [Later conferenced in August 2020 and the paper officially published in June 2021.] This email, by Julie, was just 9 days after Daszak promoted the natural origins story. And over two weeks before any national emergency order was issued in the United States.

Dr. Eva Harris, a director at Cal Berkeley where Dr. Jennifer Doudna is tenured and is a work colleague, is listed as a top participant in this vaccine push. [118] Law professor Dorit R. Reiss provided the legal framework that this conference likely sought to enforce through the new Biden administration. [119] The conference included many of the names listed initially in that Pavlin-to-Fauci e-mail. Additionally, Dr. Rick Bright came on board. [120]

Bright, at a Ginkgo Bioworks conference in late 2021, noted a Moderna & DARPA linkage established before 2016.[121] Bright received grants with PATH, another Gates-controlled venture. [122, page 4] What Bright didn’t remind us about at the Ginkgo conference was his quick pivot away from his March 2020 authorization of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).[123] Rick Bright now is CEO of Pandemic Prevention (PPI) at The Rockefeller Foundation.[124]

The vaccines-for-children paper (it mentions children 241 times in 231 pages) was published with contracts from the Department of Homeland Security, Burroughs Wellcome Fund, and New Venture Fund. The BMGF has provided 100s of millions in grants to New Venture. [125,126]

Renee Wegrzyn is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine where Dr. Julie Pavlin is the director. [127, 128] Thus, with Renee’s linkages to Doudna, Moderna, DARPA’s BTO, it reflects why she skyrocketed into the fore. Wegrzyn, as noted, is very familiar with Bill Gates’s mosquito eradication push.


Fauci had other key participants that worked in the shadows on hijacking therapeutics, particularly hydroxychloroquine, while promoting Remdesivir or other HIV-related drugs like AbbVie’s Lopinavir. [129]

Key among them is Dr. Lindsey R. Baden.[130] Baden is based in Boston, Massachusetts; supported the Moderna trials [131]; works at Brigham’s [132,133] where Brigham’s cardiac director Dr. Mandeep Mehra co-published papers with Surgisphere’s CEO, Dr. Desai. Dr. Baden just chaired the FDA committee that approved Merck antiviral, Molnupiravir, for COVID-19, with 13-10 vote in December 2021.[134,135] Baden’s top roles at the NEJM, FDA, with financing and grants coming from BMGF and NIAID, particularly those for HIV-1 research, shows his importance to the Fauci story.[136]

The Surgisphere papers impacted both hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin in the early days of the pandemic. This was a fruits-of-the-poisonous tree sabotage: if data was good for Ivermectin, yet bad regarding HCQ, the data could not be used to justify either, thus killing these therapeutics in the minds of the medically-minded. The Ivermectin pre-print and the HCQ paper linked to heart risk issues were based on fabricated data by a fly-by-night operation. [Dr. Desai faced 3 lawsuits in February 2020.]

Catherine Offord wrote, regarding Surgisphere, in The Scientist:

“Desai’s astonishing influence on COVID-19 policy was dependent on multiple parties, Cooper notes, from the institutions that employed him to the coauthors on his research studies, the journals that published the work, and the organizations that issued public health decisions based on his research.” [137]

These papers were all retracted. [138,139,140] But the damage was done. Brigham’s received a nearly $5 million dollar grant from BMGF in March 2020 [141] where Drs. Mehra [142] and Baden are both employed. Dr. Desai moved from his Chicago location (AbbVie’s HQ), acquiring an Ohio medical license. [143,144]

Other intrigues arose and perfectly timed to the Surgisphere data fraud. Fauci friend, Dr. Zeke Emanuel, former Obama administration health czar & brother of Rahm, thought the Remdesivir published data was “weak” in an April 30, 2020 email to Fauci. Emanuel even cited “financial interests” in a follow-up. [145] This fact neither deterred Fauci, nor Dr. Baden, as the latter published in support of Remdesivir while being the Deputy Editor of the NEJM and chairing the key FDA drug approval committee.[146] Dr. Fauci is praised when appearing on NEJM podcasts hosted by Drs. Rubin and Baden as one January 28, 2021 reflected from the outset.[147] Baden on February 4, 2020 asked Tony for “a favor.” The email added several Fauci cohorts, but never disclosed what this favor was. One added was Dr. Hilary Marston. She knows Baden from Brigham’s, worked for the BMGF, and now is the Chief Medical Officer at the FDA. [148]

That key Remdesivir RC trial was published in late May of 2020. [149] The end notes cited that the Henry Jackson Foundation for Advancement of Military Medicine (HJFMRI) took no position on the trial. Dr. Julie Pavlin worked at HJFMRI for many years, with her research area being: HIV. [150] Dr. Pavlin organized the vaccination paper as discussed above in February 2020. Once again, the BMGF provided a conveniently timed June grant to HJFMRI of $1.5 million to, “estimate the burden of COVID-19 in pregnancy; outcomes associated with COVID-19 in pregnancy and describe maternal and newborn morbidities associated with COVID-19 in Western Kenya.” [151]

An October 2020 NEJM article, “Dying in a Leadership Vacuum” on the response to COVID-19 heaped blame at the feet of the Trump administration, while praising China. [152] Labeled, from The Editors, among those editors included Dr. Baden. [153]

Since Biden became President, more people have perished (with COVID19) than under Trump with the Alpha variant and no vaccines. [154] Vaccination percentages stood at 63%, or greater, in the US, since the end of 2021. The shortening of lives [155] and stressors, now driven by inflationary distress, will continue forth for years, if not decades, to come. [See: Appendix]

The NEJM has not been critical of the Biden administration response from a cursory Google search. Prior to Biden’s election, the NEJM “verified” Twitter account stated on October 18, 2020:

“A Biden administration would aim to address today’s critical challenges — Covid-19, gaps in health insurance coverage, high costs, and inadequate care for the disabled — by means of actionable reforms aimed at the most vulnerable Americans.”[156]

“Doctor” Fauci stayed on board the Biden administration. Zeke Emanuel was on Biden’s COVID19 Advisory board until Biden assumed office. Rick Bright quit the Trump administration, and did likewise, joining Zeke. [157]

Dr. Rochelle Walensky (a Fauci and Baden friend), called the Great Barrington Declaration in October 2020 “half-baked.” [158,159] This as the CDC is censoring renowned journalists when posting that “females’ menses [are] becoming irregular after receiving the COVID-19 injections.” [160]

Medical guidance on all measures, from mitigation, to therapeutics to mRNA shots were wrong-headed, and deliberately so, it appears. Underlying it all: HIV. “The big disease, with a little name,” was engineered into a coronavirus from Wuhan by U.S. scientists that have to keep that fact a secret. [161]

Overall, it is clear that “HIV-19” provided an OPPORTUNITY that has DESTROYED whatever remained of transparency and truth in the Western World of Medicine. The “transitioning” to a completely different bio-economy, through the new ARPA-H director, ties to an even bigger agenda as this SCHISM becomes clearer by the day. It is the Sign of the Times.

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Ginkgo Bioworks, Moderna, Pfizer and Gates are World Economic Forum players. Drs. Jennifer Doudna, Nathan Wolfe, Zeke Emanuel and Boris Nikolic are as well. [162, 163, 164, 165, 166]


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