The Global Gender Mapping Project is an educational resource for anyone who has been affected by the gender industry, we offer no apologies for our dedication to abolishing the gender industry. We are dedicated to delivering the truth about what is happening to children and youth by documenting the hard numbers on how many gender clinics, how many surgical clinics, and recording evidence where necessary. We wish to hold those who are harming to account and we demand justice for the victims. It is important to document who is doing what to whom and identify those who are harming vulnerable children for profit.  

The Map

10 years ago there were a handful of gender clinics for children- now, thanks to the gender mapping project, we know there are over 400 in North America. And we are still counting. 

We advocate for an end to the experimental intervention being performed on children across the World. Puberty Blockers do not “pause” puberty- there is no evidence that supports this claim- they chemically castrate the child and stunt all development- including psychological and emotional development.

In recent years, there has been a massive uptake of females wanting to present as boys and truly do believe they are “born in the wrong body”.

We want to help parents learn how to combat this, without having to resort to terrible, unproven, highly damaging medical practices. 

It also has to be stressed, there is no safeguarding in place to protect children from parents who may be abusing their children. 

The term “transition” itself is euphemistic as it evokes the idea of a positive “rebirth”, and even “living authentically”. However, we rarely talk about what that, in practice means. Double Mastectomies, Radical Hysterectomies, and experimental surgeries like phalloplasty are taking the term “transition” to its natural conclusion and we demand better care for vulnerable people.

Detransitioners or former trans people who desist are vilified by the trans rights activists and told they “were never really trans”, even though their stories are genuine and harrowing. 

We seek to tell the truth, to reveal everything about what it means to be “born in the wrong body” and the experimental medication which Big Pharma in coalition with Big Gender is pushing to these confused and vulnerable children. 

Puberty Blockers ( which have never been tested on females and are not approved by the FDA for this use ) are an institution worth 300 Million USD and are supported and pushed heavily by politicians who are not free agents. The politicians who wax lyrically about “Trans Rights” and “Trans Kids Rights” are not talking about the right of a child to have a different than normal gender presentation- they are talking about being able to take harmful, experimental medication. Politicians have a huge financial and political incentive to go along with this antithetical and irrational idea that children can and should ever take medication to halt, stall or interfere with puberty. 

This issue is about humanity and children, we don’t play party politics, nor do we make excuses for our “hard lined” approach. 

A Gender Mapper Advocate and Volunteer In Action

In this call we hear a GenderMapper volunteer asking “Is 13 going to be a problem ( for surgery )”. 

“No one is performing surgeries on minors” is an easily debunked myth. Just listen to these surgical referrals. 

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