Early indications are that the tide may be turning, that “peak-covid tyranny” may have been reached. Going into 2022 under these new apparent signs could mean a rapid general awakening, to the point of reaching a critical mass of people who start doubting the going billion-dollar propagated narrative. That would be good. It’s never too late.

Though a lot of damage, health-wise, socially as well as economically has already been done, but a lot more could be done – and is, in fact, planned – through the UN Agenda 2030. We must stop this diabolical agenda.

The Government of Japan requests that myocarditis warnings are put on vaccines, and that vaccination may only take place with informed consent. Vaccination is basically voluntary and at that, people have to be told about the risks they are taking, by accepting the jab – see this.

Doctors worldwide have echoed Japan’s health authority warnings about the experimental gene-therapies – “vaccination” is a stark misnomer – side effects. However, this kind of proper informed consent has cost many doctors in western nations their licenses to practice medicine. The government has accused these doctors of spreading ‘vaccine hesitancy.’ They have threatened them to either conform to the current narrative or “else”. The” else” may include the worst threats imaginable.

In Israel they just discovered the latest sibling in the corona family. It’s called “Flurona”, a hybrid of flu and Covid. Very, very infectious. I kid you not. Health workers are just being forced into their 4th Covid jab (The Times of Israel) See this.

In the same train of thoughts and of equally powerful breaking news: In France they discovered the latest brand of the corona family “variants”, called “IHU”, which is more infectious than Omicron and spreads even faster – and, of course, current vaccines are likely to be worthless against IHU. So, what’s next? They are still debating on how to confront and fight this latest Covid-19 strain. See this French Health News.

In Romania, the police will not enforce the Government’s covid rules, and they, the police, march en masse with the protesters – see video below. Should this make history, granted, it so far hasn’t, then the Covid lie would soon be dismantled and over.

Now comes the whammy, revealing news. You might be surprised to hear – or not – that many, if not all, of the most tyrannical leaders (sic), took Klaus Schab’s (WEF) intensive course for “Young Global Leaders”. Among them are New Zealand’s Ms. Ardern; The Australian Prime Minister and several of Australian’s Provincial Governors; Canada’s Mr. Justin Trudeau; France’s Mr. Emmanuel Macron, Costa Rica’s President Carlos Alvarado Quesada; Madame Angela Merkel – and many more – just to give you a taste, so you may judge for yourself, who is at least part of the Big Orchestraters of this deadly game of never heard-of tyranny in recent history. See this.

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