We are publishing these allegations from Chinese Twitter user Jennifer Zeng.

These are just allegations at this point but newsworthy nonetheless.

On Friday morning Shinzo Abe was assassinated by a gunman in Nara, Japan.

Shinzo was shot point-blank in the back by a 40-year-old suspect with a homemade gun.

On Friday, Mandarin-speaking user Jennifer Zeng posted a disturbing screengrab taken hours before Shinzo Abe’s shooting.

The screengrab was posted about “getting close to Shinzo Abe” and “completing the task” by a Chinese language user called “重装小兔19C.”

Was this just a coincidence or something more?

China had preveiously instituted an open death threat against the former Japanese Prime Minister.

Via Jennifer Zeng: #AbeShinzo died at about 11: 30 local time. At 18: 07 on the previous day, a Chinese language user called “重装小兔19C” said “Have successfully got close to current and former PM of Japan. I’ll complete the task given by the organization[ meaning: the party, the #CCP].”

The user “重装小兔19C” has a Twitter account.

Two users were discussing Abe before his assassination.

An open death threat was made by the Chinese Communist Regime much earlier before his assassination on Friday.

Source – https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/07/revealed-chatter-chinese-twitter-shinzo-abe-completing-task-posted-17-hours-shinzo-abe-assassination/