Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D. April 11, 1935-April 9, 2021

By Thomas Hampson, President Truth Alliance Foundation

 Until her untimely death on April 9, 2021 Dr. Judith Reisman was a lifelong champion for the rights of children.  For decades she dedicated her life to combat the increasingly accepted and abhorrent ideology that children are sexual from birth, that they have a right to experience sexual pleasure whenever and with whomever they want, that purity is a false value.  She was fully committed to do everything she could to protect childhood innocence, and to do so, she took direct aim at Alfred Kinsey and his self-proclaimed pamphleteer, Hugh Hefner.  At one point Playboy sued a TV station in the Netherlands for libel for airing Dr. Reisman’s accusations that Playboy had published child pornography.  Dr. Reisman prevailed.

She never stopped going after Kinsey, Playboy, the porn industry, big pharma, and the entire sex-industrial complex.  She stood almost alone for years before she began creating a network of allies who came to see the seriously flawed foundation, Kinsey’s twin works on the Sexual Behavior in the Human Male and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.  Millions of dollars were behind Kinsey’s research and billions were, and are, behind the expansive sex industry.   Those deep pockets were loath to give up any ground because of a single voice speaking against them.  Before she came along, the big money from the giant foundations and big businesses were able to silence or crush the occasional voice opposing the Kinsey narrative.

 Dr. Reisman’s loss leaves a vacuum that will be impossible to fill. 

 One reason the false narratives regarding sexual norms and gender ideology became so deeply entrenched is because there was no one to challenge the falsehoods that Kinsey thrust onto society.  For more than two decades after his works first were published very few spoke against his findings and those who did were quickly silenced, either denounced as denying science or mocked as prudish bible thumpers who denied reality.  During that unchallenged period, penalties for a variety of sex crimes were dramatically reduced, ages of consent were lowered, promiscuity became accepted as the norm.  Society became overtly sexualized.

 Most of us were unaware of what was happening.  It wasn’t even until 1966 that Dr. Reisman became aware there was a problem.  That year her 13-year-old daughter was raped by a neighbor boy.  The investigation determined that the boy had most likely been aroused and motivated by viewing his father’s Playboy magazines.  At some point during the investigation, the boy’s family left the country, escaping justice by taking their teen child offender with them.  Dr. Reisman’s daughter fell into a long depression and Dr. Reisman set out on a decade long quest to understand what happened and why.  She even returned to college to get her M.A. and PhD in communications from Case Western.

 Over the years Dr. Reisman peeled back layer after layer of the fraudulent data that was used to build the false narrative promoted by Kinsey and his cohorts.  She concluded that there was nothing of substance that supported Kinsey’s claims, that his “studies” were giant frauds incapable of replication since they were based largely on anecdotal evidence and the use of unscientific methodology.  She learned that Kinsey even worked with active pedophiles, in despicably unethical partnerships, to have them record their experiences of sexually abusing children, which Kinsey used to justify significant portions of his claims. 

 Kinsey was a fraud, his findings lacked scientific value, and his solicitation of pedophiles made Kinsey and his colleagues criminally suspect. 

 With this view, Dr. Reisman set about the almost impossible task of rolling back the three decades of legal and cultural change which made the task akin to stopping the rotation of a planet.  But she set about that task, methodically gathering evidence, conducting studies, writing books—seven in all, speaking at scores of conferences and guest lectures, and authoring hundreds of articles, all the while building a network of relationships with individuals and small conservative organizations.  She became the focal point, the hub for hundreds of groups and people who she marshalled to the cause.

 She helped hundreds of other authors, with research and direction and encouragement.  Many wrote books themselves.  She readily shared her voluminous research and spent countless hours sharing her thoughts and insights.  She traveled all over the world advising government agencies, religious organizations, and groups interested in stopping the moral slide we have witnessed over the past 70 years. 

Dr. Reisman was a dedicated servant of God, a devoted mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, a brilliant scholar, a prolific writer, a fearless warrior, a wonderful friend, and a great American. She was one of a kind.

Dr. Reisman’s Final Interview: The Mind Polluters documentary:
Whose values are being taught? This investigative documentary film shows how the vast majority of America’s public schools are prematurely sexualizing children. A fitting tribute to her legacy.


Source – https://www.thereismaninstitute.org/home