“The Queensland Human Rights Commission has sensationally claimed the chief health officer’s direction requiring teachers and early childcare workers to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 is not justified.

The commission also claims the latest vaccine mandate direction is outside John Gerrard’s power, under the Public Health Act.”

3 groups of suspended teachers and early childcare workers have taken the mandates to the Supreme Court.

“The CHO also appeared to have failed to consider the effectiveness of the prescribed course of available vaccines .. There was also a lack of consideration of less restrictive alternatives .. and an absence of any time frame for considering revoking the direction.”

🔆 Current systems stopped loving, supporting and serving us. Like an abusive relationship, it is time to walk away from the abusers, heal, support each other and build a beautiful new post-Covid world – together 💞✊

The Courier Mail published (Apr 10)