Professor Norman Fenton and Martin Neil took a close and professional look at the association between “excess mortality” in developed countries, Covid vaccines, Covid, lockdown stringency, and other matters.

Everyone who is numerically inclined MUST READ their in-depth analysis of excess mortality. In addition to fact-checking my past posts, they provide numerous bombshell findings.

Professor Fenton and Martin Neil are statisticians and analysts. Using linear regression analysis and other statistical tools, they comprehensively looked at the impact of Covid itself, Long Covid, vaccines, and lockdown stringency, on total mortality.

Their findings are incredible. I do not want to spoil your experience reading their article, but here’s one chart that captures how vaccines’ effect on mortality changes over time:

The charts above show that the effect of vaccines on total mortality is worsening over time and reaches extreme levels of statistical significance.

This is the highest grade health alarm possible — sounded by professional data analysts and statisticians. It should send chills down your spine!

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Meanwhile, look at the NEW video of Andrew Bridgen again bringing up excess mortality in the UK parliament – that is EMPTY because other parliamentarians purposely left the hearing.

I am most UNHAPPY to observe excess mortality. However, I am very glad that it is not only being noticed but is also analyzed by luminaries of statistics.

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