The goal of going through COVID-19 vaccination is to prevent the first occurrence of COVID-19 infection in a person who has not previously had the infection. That is the ONLY FDA claim the current sent of COVID-19 vaccines has under the EUA. Post-hoc claims that vaccination makes the illness milder, or that vaccination reduces the risk of hospitalization and death have not been supported by prospective randomized trials, nor have they been proven through observational studies.

Indeed, the promotion of vaccination to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death is crude propaganda put forth by those who are charged with carrying out the mass vaccination program:  the biopharmaceutical complex (CDC, FDA, NIH, NHS, MHRA, EMA, TGA, and many others).1 Why do so many manuscripts conclude that vaccination is protective against hospitalization?

Here are the reasons:  

1) Vaccinated persons may be more likely to seek early treatment, which can help them avoid the hospital

2) Many US hospitals have a default of “unvaccinated,” and thus, it is the burden of proof of the sick patient to “prove” they are vaccinated and demand the medical record be changed

3) The CDC, for a long time, recommended asymmetric testing, that is, unvaccinated to be tested for all hospital encounters while the vaccinated could skip testing for most hospital procedures

4) Most studies have not adjudicated why patients are in the hospital

5) Observational studies are not randomized

6) Studies outside of the US (Canada, UK, EU, SA, Israel, and Australia) have all reported the majority of patients with COVID-19 in-hospital are partially or fully vaccinated

Thus, one cannot conclude that vaccination, when it fails to prevent the first infection with SARS-CoV-2, has a consolation prize of making the syndrome less severe. In fact, two studies in 2021 suggested that “immune imprinting” is likely to occur with every six-month injection of mRNA or adenoviral DNA for the extinct Wuhan wild-type spike protein.2,3

What this means is that the human immune system becomes accustomed to recognizing an extinct protein, so when the real infection occurs with a mutated form of the Spike protein, the body cannot mount an adequate immune response, and thus the illness is more severe or prolonged. This is the likely explanation for “Paxlovid rebound” that is well described in the fully vaccinated who are prescribed this medication as monotherapy.4

In this week’s issue of The McCullough Report, Dr. McCullough gives commentary on this problem and cites CDC Paxlovid Rebound Health Advisory, and encourages patients and physicians to advance from Paxlovid to the community standard of care with multidrug therapy. With HCQ or IVM as the prior antiviral in multidrug therapy, viral rebound was not described, and the illness was readily treatable early in both the unvaccinated and vaccinated.

On the back side, we have a long interview with US National Athletic Trainer Hall of Famer Chris Gillespie, who gives us his insights on sports training, sickle trait, SARS-CoV-2, and COVID-19 vaccination.5

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