Stop 5G near schools

Our kids need your help to protect them from harmful 5G and cell tower radiation! Schools are accepting financial incentives from telecom giants to add cell towers to their properties. In true Big Tech fashion, corporate profits have taken priority over public health.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) wants to stop the uncontrolled rollout of 5G and cell tower equipment near schools and residential neighborhoods. We need your help to force legislative action to stop the ever-increasing risk to our children caused by dangerous radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted by this equipment.

Contact your elected officials today to demand they introduce and support federal and state legislation banning cell towers and small cells from being on or near school grounds.

The Issue

School districts around the country are risking our children’s health and safety by partnering with telecom giants Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T to install cell towers directly on school grounds in exchange for monetary gains. Yet, scientific literature confirms the harms of RF radiation on children’s health, and no long-term studies exist that show 5G is safe. In fact, experts in the fields of human health and telecommunications recommend a minimum distance of 1640 feet between cell towers and school grounds.

Scientific Evidence of Harm

Scientific literature clearly documents the adverse health effects of RF exposure, including developmental delays, memory and attention deficits, heightened risk for type 2 diabetes and changes to the blood predictive of cancer. Learn all about the health risks of wireless technology here.

Cell towers and small cells also pose considerable fire safety threats, compounding the existing risks to our children when placed near schools.

Contact your legislators today and demand they introduce and support federal and state legislation to ban cell towers/small cells from being on or near school grounds in order to protect our children from the harms caused by RF radiation.

Take Action

Complete the form below to email federal, state and local officials and tell them our children are not guinea pigs!

Make follow-up phone calls to each representative asking if they’ve received your email. Use this call as an opportunity to express your opposition to the proliferation of wireless cellular infrastructure on and near school grounds. You can find helpful resources for these conversations here.

For more news and information about RF radiation — and what you can do to protect your children — please visit the Electromagnetic Radiation & Wireless section of CHD’s website.

Thank you for using your voice to make a difference for our children.

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