Let’s just recap: Kazakhstan is a forced-injection, cattle-tagged hellhole that was preparing to ratchet up its cattle tag system on January 5 and possibly make cattle tags necessary for banking—like, for withdrawing your own money from the bank

Some peaceful protesters marched on some buildings and the space lizard who controls Kazakhstan fired the government in hopes of appeasing the angry cattle-tagged masses. Why exactly did they march? Probably for lots of reasons. It doesn’t even matter. There were plenty of good reasons to march. It would have been weird for them not to have marched.

Then things started getting violent and very weird. Unsavory elements—both internal and external—took advantage of the social and political upheaval. Arson, looting, reports of cops getting beheaded—unsettling stuff. Not good.

Then Russia and the rest of the CSTO sent in peacekeeping troops while Russian state media and the trusted Russophile Media went into overdrive to defend the violent suppression of peaceful protests as well as riots and looting.

In November, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence revealed something truly shocking and horrifying: Russia had weaponized Ukrainian anti-vaxxers in a cynical attempt to destabilize Kiev:

“They want to foment unrest, through protests and meetings, that show the people are against the government,” he said.

Those efforts include ongoing anti-COVID-19 vaccination protests that Budanov said have been organized by Russia, which is also trying to stoke unrest related to the economy and energy supplies.

Around the same time, Russia’s Security Council announced that foreign-backed terrorists were trying to destabilize Russia with their “confusing” opposition to mandatory vaccination and QR codes!

[T]errorist organizations are actively working on social networks in order to “discredit the actions of local authorities in the fight against the pandemic, and create a mood of confusion and uncertainty among the population,” Kokov said

We don’t pretend to know exactly what happened/is happening in Kazakhstan, but if we had to pick a “side,” the cattle-tagged dude on the street who doesn’t like his government—for whatever reason—is undoubtedly the safest bet. It’s not even a difficult decision!

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