Pedestrian activity is an indication of a city’s vibrancy and vitality. There is also a direct link between a city’s economic prosperity and the safety and convenience of the pedestrian experience.

The City of Melbourne has developed an automated pedestrian counting system to better understand pedestrian activity within the municipality. The information can be used to examine how people use different city locations at different times of day to better inform decision-making and plan for the future.

The data is available in the Pedestrian Counting System. You can use this online visualisation tool to:

  • view a representation of pedestrian volume that compares each location on any given day and time
  • compare the average of the same day and time over the preceding four weeks or 52 weeks
  • see the impact of various factors, such as major events or extreme weather conditions, on pedestrian activity in the city and compare the flow to short- and long-term averages
  • download the raw data for further analysis and visualisation.

More information about City of Melbourne Pedestrian Counting System (PDF, 281kb)

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