The 2023 Climate and Energy forum was held on the 2nd of February with a fantastic line-up of speakers. This is the full recording of my address to the forum showing just how baseless and environmentally damaging climate policies are.


Good evening.

To this forum’s organisers, thank you. To fellow speakers and to all in our audience, thank you.

I can’t join you in person because our daughter is about to have our first grandchild.

In late 2007 I started holding climate alarmists accountable, alongside Viv Forbes. In 2009 I paused and asked myself: “why was I doing this?” and unearthed five aims:

  1. Protect freedom. For myself, for everyday Australians and now for our new grandchild;
  2. Restore scientific integrity, because true science improves humanity’s standard of living;
  3. Protect our natural environment. Corrupt climate science is killing our environment, not saving it;
  4. Protect our economic security without which everyday Australians will not have a future. This is vital for humanity’s future;
  5. Restore humanity’s reverence for, and connection with, nature’s magnificence and rekindle our human spirit.

I’ve researched, investigated and written extensively on climate science.

The end game of unfounded claims that carbon dioxide from human activity causes global warming is clear. It has always been to take wealth, freedom and opportunity from everyday Australians and to enhance the wealth and opportunity of the world’s predatory billionaires.

I challenged alarmists speaking out publicly to debate me – politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, academics and activists. They all ran away.

Entering the Senate in 2016 gave me a chance to speak to our elected representatives face to face.

I wanted those advocating the destruction of our local communities and of our national economy to be accountable for revealing the scientific evidence behind their climate and energy policies.

The CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, government departments and Ministers have failed to provide logical scientific arguments citing empirical data and observations proving that carbon dioxide from human activity is causing environmental harm.

After years in Parliament spent writing letters, making speeches, asking questions in Question Time and Senate Estimates of CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology “scientists”, one thing is now clear:

They have no scientific argument to support the failed theory of man-made climate change.

They have no data to show humans are causing climate change, and of course they won’t because climate varies in natural cycles.

Last September I made an 82-page submission to Labour’s 2022 Climate Change Bill.

That paper is on my website. Today I’ll mention the most important points:

  • CSIRO admitted that it has never stated that carbon dioxide from human activity is a danger. Statements of danger came from politicians;
  • CSIRO has never quantified any specific impact of carbon dioxide from human activity on any climate or weather variables, such as temperature, rainfall, droughts, floods, storms, ocean alkalinity. Yet this is fundamental for climate and energy policy. There’s no scientific basis for climate policies;
  • CSIRO admits to not doing due diligence on data or reports it relied upon from external agencies;
  • CSIRO admitted that today’s temperatures are not unprecedented. They’ve occurred before;
  • CSIRO then claimed unprecedented rate of temperature rise, which we destroyed using the papers CSIRO itself cited;
  • CSIRO has failed to provide statistically significant evidence of change in any climate factor. It’s just normal, natural cyclical variability.

The Climate Change scam is not scientifically driven. There is no science. It’s politically driven.

In my submission to the Government’s Climate Change Bill I dealt with the history of climate change legislation, which casts the necessary light on this scam’s politics of this scam, quote:

To comply with the United Nations 1997 Kyoto Protocol, the Howard-Anderson Liberal-National coalition government introduced the Renewable Energy Target (RET). They were the first large federal party to have a policy calling for an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS or Carbon Dioxide Tax). They deliberately bypassed the constitution in a deal with state premiers to steal farmers’ rights to use their own land in order for the Liberal-Nationals federal government to comply with the 1997 UN Kyoto Protocol. In doing so, the Liberal-National government got around our constitution’s Section 51, Clause 31 requiring farmers to be compensated for loss of their rights to use their own land. Yet in 2013, six years after leaving office, former Prime Minister John Howard delivered the annual address in London of the sceptical Global Warming Policy Foundation in which he confessed that he was agnostic on climate science, meaning he did not have the necessary climate science to justify his party’s policy and his government’s legislation. Thus, the government that started and entrenched climate and associated energy policies did not do so based on science”.

And further in my submission: “When I repeatedly asked the Morrison government’s Senate Leader, Matthias Cormann for the logical scientific points supporting climate and energy policies he repeatedly failed to answer my question and instead stated a need to fulfil international commitments and obligations. This is no basis for policy that is costing Australians billions of dollars and will cost trillions of dollars”.

Matthias Cormann was actually being honest here. Australia is introducing Climate Change Armageddon NOT because of the science. Instead, because unelected, unaccountable foreign bureaucrats serving the interests of the world’s predatory billionaires are instructing our governments.

My submission is on my website It includes a detailed scientific rebuttal, using peer-reviewed scientific papers, rebutting CSIRO’s claims.

Now, let’s consider the present government. In Senate Estimates hearings I asked Senator McAllister representing the Minister for Climate Change and Energy to provide me with the elusive ‘logical scientific points’ to prove that carbon dioxide from human activity needs to be cut.

Senator McAllister responded with these papers and, listen to her, quote: “Here are the 20 most cited peer reviewed papers about climate change and its effects” … “compiled by Thomson Reuters” … “that expressed a view on climate change”.

  • One is titled: Biological RESPONSE TO climate change on a tropical mountain,
  • Another: PREDICTING the impacts of climate change on the distribution of species,

These do NOT discuss CAUSES of climate change. They’re about claimed effects. This applies to half her cited papers. She’s scientifically ignorant.

Let’s look at Senator McAllister’s so-called ‘proof’:

One paper specifically questions whether climate variability is due to human or natural cycles.

Nine of the 20 papers just assumed climate change is real without providing any proof. These are the papers that Senator McAllister said proved man made climate change was real.

Eleven of the 20 papers and three of her additional five papers rely on numerical models, not empirical scientific evidence.

Models prove whatever the person paying for the model wants it to prove. 

Another paper reinforces that natural cycles and oscillations are driving climate variability and admits that climate drivers are poorly understood. It questions whether human activity drives climate.

NONE of the papers Senator McAllister cites and relies upon, nor any member of Parliament or bureaucrat, has been able to provide logical scientific points using empirical scientific data proving that carbon dioxide from human activity effects any climate factors including temperature. NONE.

This destroys the very basis of the climate change hoax.

Why would Senator McAllister cite papers that do not support her case?

It’s simple. Senator McAllister never read them. The journalists that tout these papers as proof of climate change never read them. And the public that shares them around on social media never read them.

I did read them because that is what you pay me to do.

Where are the papers that prove climate change is man-made – they do not exist.

It’s a scam.

Peer reviewed papers tell us that there is no discernible trend in severe weather events.

These are inconvenient truths for the Climate Crisis doomsayers, charlatans and financial beneficiaries.

There’s no scientific basis for climate alarm.

Nor for Liberal-National or Labor-Greens-Pocock climate and energy policy.

We’re experiencing natural climate variability.

There’s no reason for shoddy, deceitful, policies costing our nation billions of dollars now, growing to trillions of dollars over time.

Supposed “cheap” wind and solar power is a lie. It’s a lie that purposely ignores the costs of necessary overbuild, firming, low energy density, unreliability and the complete rebuilding of our transmission network which worked just fine.

WE ALL pay for that.

Businesses large and small pay for that and pass the cost on to us.

Governments pay for that and pass the cost on to us.

Right now, in kitchens and livings rooms across Australia, families are opening their electricity bills, their gas bills and having to sit down. Then the panic sets in – how can I pay this?

It will get worse – when the lights go out, the heaters and air-conditioners stop, poor and vulnerable Australians will die.

These measures are destroying the lives of everyday Australians, small and medium businesses, industrial and extractive businesses, agriculture and tourism.

While Australia is slowly killing itself, China is receiving most of the solar and wind subsidies and tightening its almost complete control over the wind and solar supply chain.

Please help awaken our fellow Australians to restore sound governance and sovereignty through personal pressure on your MPs and through informed choices at the ballot box.

Please support One Nation as we fight back against this madness and defend all Australians from the soviet style government of Prime Minister Albanese and the Labor-Greens Party.

Most importantly, call this supposed “Climate Breakdown” what it actually is, a Climate Fraud.

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