A whistleblower spills the beans on what could be a massive blow to those who stand on the side of freedom of choice.

Services Australia has contracted an IT firm to upgrade its systems to better work with other Australian Government bodies. One of which being the Australian Immunization Register.

The works being carried out include implementation of a system which will allow the Australian government to “freeze” the ABN and/or TFN of any Australian citizen that is unvaccinated.

A shocking move further towards a dystopian dictatorship.

Any Australian that is not up to date with their immunization schedule could potentially have their life turned upside down by these new powers.

The Australian Immunization Register contains a list of vaccines that it has determined we must have in order to be safe. It was originally called the Australian Childhood Immunization Register but this was changed in 2016.

As of the end of 2016 the Childhood Immunization Register will simply be called the Australian Immunisation Register. Now why would that be?


As you see from the quote above we wrote about this back in 2015. These plans have been in the works for many years. The current “pandemic” has given them the opportunity they needed to further this control agenda.

The ability to freeze an individual’s Australian Business Number (ABN) could have a catastrophic effect on an individual’s livelihood and the entire economy. Effectively barring them from legitimately earning a living and running a business.

Then there’s the Tax File Number (TFN). No tax file number, no job. Circumventing the direct No Jab – No Job plan. By simply freezing an individual’s TFN the Government freezes their ability to survive.

This is coercion on a massive scale.

Informed consent under the mental health act says that informed consent must be given without undue pressure or coercion!

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