Kmart Group looks at "multiple" ChatGPT use cases

From customer service to employee training.

Kmart Group has joined a growing list of Australian enterprises to explore potential use cases for the conversational AI platform ChatGPT.

Chief information officer Brad Blyth told a Microsoft-convened webinar last month that the tool had challenged thinking about the role that such technology could play in a retail environment.

“I dont think we’ve got enough time yet with it to kind of tap into it, but it’s really changed what we think is our strategy going forward of what’s capable with technology in this area,” Blyth said.

“I don’t think we’ve quite comprehended exactly what it’s capable of doing yet.”

However, Blyth indicated that the retailer saw “multiple” potential use cases emerging that it could seek to experiment with in the future.

“The obvious ones are how we interact with and service customers,” he said.

“Is there a way we can use this tool to give our customers a much more meaningful experience than what they have today? 

“If they’re ringing up to find a product or to get some more information or to ask us a [challenging] question, is [ChatGPT] now an option?

“We’re really starting to kind of explore all these potential use cases.”

In addition to customer service, Blyth suggested that ChatGPT could also have human resources-related use cases, from employee onboarding to training.

“Even onboarding staff and helping staff navigate their day-to-day tasks, is ChatGPT an option to basically train our staff?” he posed.

iTnews reported last week that in the financial services sector, the Commonwealth Bank and ANZ Banking Group are exploring ChatGPT “and similar technologies”, though neither wanted to speculate as to what kinds of use cases they saw.

It was also recently reported that Coles and Wisetech Global had also been experimenting, though it appears mostly informal and not on specific enterprise-oriented use cases.

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