This conversation between journalists Jon Rappoport (US) and James Delingpole (UK) covers a lot of territory, including:

  • The state of journalism and the gaslighting of the public through propaganda
  • Donald Trump’s flip flop on vaccines and his “Operation Warp Speed” where he pushed the deadly covid “vaccines” on the US public
  • Global protests outside of US
  • Vaccine injuries and deaths

At about the 34-minute mark in the video Jon Rappoport answers this question:

James Delingpole:

Where do you get the idea that far fewer people have taken the vaccine than is being claimed in public?

Jon Rappoport:

… Public Health officials are admitting on the record that in the US stock of vaccines in the 50 states are going unused. Not just a little, but vastly unused, and they’re about to expire, many of them — which makes them completely useless. 

And what these public health officials are confessing to is not ‘oh, they gave us too many vials to begin with…’. No. They’re talking about these stocks of vaccines going unused because of declining demand, across the board as they say, in the 50 states. Which to me is a massive clue that many, many people are refusing the vaccine …