Opening Statements by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
Opening Statements by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Reiner Fuellmich is the lead attorney behind the criminal and civil investigation of the COVID-19 pandemic bad actors. In addition, he is prosecuting those criminals behind the fraudulent mRNA vaccine rollout and hype. These involve crooks in the mainstream media, government, and investment community who have lied and damaged us all but, most importantly, have caused the deaths of nearly half a million people in the United States alone.

These include BlackRock, the $10 trillion investment monster that is buying up our homes with Federal Reserve support – the dark beneficiary of much of the 2008 bailout money and now described by some as a shadow government lurking behind the scenes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The civil damages alone are likely to exceed between $20 and $100 trillion assuming at least 400,000 wrongful deaths with damages assigned at $1 million each followed by punitive damages of 50 to 250 times that. Fuellmich and his legal team are confident they can prove the intentional conduct that triggers punitive damages.

A legal fee of 40% applies, assuming the case is not settled outside of court, and 40% of a $100 trillion judgment would amount to legal fees on the order of $40 trillion. With a legal team of 50, Reiner’s fee would be about $40 trillion divided by 50 or some $800 billion, easily vaulting him to the number 1 position.

Wait, you ask. What lawsuit? What legal proceedings? Soon, everyone will know his name. Fuellmich is booked to make a US tour in March. In the meantime, he is broadcasting the following grand jury proceedings to the world’s citizens through the alternative media of the Internet. Here is a synopsis.

In February 2022, a group of elite attorneys commenced grand jury proceedings against the organizers of the COVID-19 man-made pandemic, following two years of painstaking evidence-gathering. This included top physicians, scientists, patent experts, investigative journalists, and various whistleblowers. Finally, they released their findings to the world’s citizens, our court of public opinion.

On February 5, 2022, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, the lead counsel, delivered the Opening Statement and called this COVID-19 pandemic a concocted and carefully planned psychological operation by an evil oligarchy bent on destroying free society and wresting control through the use of continual panic with emergency measures including lockdowns, social distancing, masking, mandatory experimental injections, and compulsory vaccine identification passports.

Ultimately, we will show you, the jury, that the other side’s main purpose (of the pandemic) is to gain full and complete control over all of us. This involves the finalization of the looting and plundering by deliberately destroying our small and medium-sized businesses, retail businesses, hotels and restaurants so that platforms such as Amazon can take over.

And this involves population control, which in their view, requires both a massive reduction of the population and manipulating the DNA of the remaining population with the help…of the mRNA experimental injections. 

Also, it requires…the deliberate destruction of democracy, of the rule of law, and our constitutions through chaos, so that ultimately, we will agree to losing our natural and cultural identities. Instead, we will agree to accept a One World Government under the UN which is now under the full control of them and their World Economic Forum – a digital passport where each and every move is monitored and controlled – and one digital currency which we will only be able to receive from One World Bank – theirs [3:54].

Given the specific facts published by expert David E. Martin on the man-made human coronavirus patented in 2002 [US patent number 7,279,327] which predated the outbreak of SARS, and the Moderna patent in 2016 [US patent number 9,587,003] of a virus sequence nearly identical to that found in SARS-CoV-2, Fuellmich’s evidence is spot on.

This is especially alarming after reviewing the recently published study, which discusses this Moderna patented man-made sequence.

The scientists who published this study estimate the statistical chance of SARS-CoV-2 being a random innocent cosmic coincidence through a naturally occurring series of mutations is almost one in a trillion.

The chance of it being an intentional construct is virtually certain. For example, one in a trillion is less likely than two random people having identical fingerprints. It is even less likely than two high school basketball players collapsing during gameplay of sudden cardiac death on the same day.

The most likely explanation is that SARS-CoV- 2 was produced from a proprietary sequence related to US patent number 9,587,003 filed on February 4, 2016, by Stephane Bancel – Moderna – and this happened to enrich Mr. Bancel and others to the tune of tens of billions of dollars.

This fact casts investment analyst Edwards Dowd’s forecast about fraud in the mRNA vaccines in a more sinister, even criminal light.

Attorney Fuellmich elaborated on this in a previous interview where he stated that the three vaccine manufacturers intentionally engineered a mass murder. As a result, the legal punitive damages would be higher than they could pay. That would mean bankruptcy for the defendants, including all their accomplices – the mainstream media, the politicians, the corrupt doctors, and the associated tech companies.

Fuellmich explained this in his January 20, 2022 interview: But as Mike Yeadon put it, and we agree with that as lawyers – this is compelling evidence for premeditated mass murder. And what this translates into in legal cases – in the United States, for example – we are now talking about not just damages, but we are talking about punitive damages. 

Punitive damages come into play whenever you’re dealing with a bad actor who is intentionally doing something harmful – and that is what we are dealing with here. It’s the vaccine makers. It’s the mainstream media, it’s the doctors who administer the shots – they’re all in it. And of course, these huge pharmaceutical and tech companies who are in it – they are going to have to feel the pain from this. 

And that’s what punitive damages are there for. You don’t just get the actual damage you suffered…It’s going to be at least a million dollars per person – but if you add on punitive damages – 50 times the actual damage – maybe 1000 times the actual damage, because these are very terrible crimes against humanity. 

We are not just talking about regular crimes. If you add this on to this, then this means that the defendants, in the cases that are now coming up, will not be able to pay for this – so we’re going to have to take them apart [3:29].  

Fuellmich summarized his opening statement, emphasizing the pandemic’s purpose of seizing complete control of the population. This is accomplished by following Klaus Schwab’s blueprint of a New World Order as published in The Great Reset.

At the conclusion of the case and after you have heard all the evidence, we are confident that you will recommend indictments against all six putative figurehead defendants: Chris Drosten of Germany, Anthony Fauci of the United States, Tedros of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, BlackRock, and Pfizer. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, this case is about a long-planned agenda of a group of ultra-rich people and their financial mafia based in the city of London and on Wall Street to use a pseudo-pandemic as a guise behind which while our attention is on the pandemic, they want to complete their decades-long efforts to gain full and complete control over all of us.

There are numerous platforms on which this group has been meeting and discussing this agenda. The most important one is that of the World Economic Forum (WEF), which was invented in 1971 by a then 33-year-old Klaus Schwab.

Its members are 1,000 global corporations with at least 5 billion US dollars in annual sales, politicians, media representatives, scientists, and other so-called high-profile personalities. They meet once per year in Davos (Switzerland), but there are other such meetings in China [5:17].

Fuellmich called out the specific leaders trained under the Young Global Leaders Program of the WEF, such as Angela Merkel of Germany, Bill Gates of the US, and Justin Trudeau of Canada. It also includes names from Austria, New Zealand, France, and much of the free world.

This group, which is now called the Davos Clique, is openly – through the publication of The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab – as one of the most important sources for this information – promoting the shifting of the world’s assets to this group of super rich people so that in 2030, ordinary people will own nothing and be happy…under their One-World Government with a digital currency given to us by their One-World Bank…

They are also openly promoting, with close cooperation of people like Defendant Bill Gates, The Rockefellers, and others, the drastic reduction of the world’s population and the manipulation of the remaining population’s DNA…[7:07]

As if this were not alarming enough, Reiner stated the Financial Mafia’s ultimate purpose, 

Their most important goal, however, is the controlled implosion of the completely-looted financial system and simultaneous introduction of the digital currency issued by One World Bank controlled by them, and just as important – the introduction of a World Government under the UN which has come under their full control in 2019 [7:54]. 

Fuellmich announced that scores of experts and whistleblowers will testify to all of this during the hearings. He emphasized one group of experts will show the virus did not cause excess deaths, while the vaccines do. Furthermore, these experts will show that the defendants committed these killings with premeditation.

They will show us that while the virus did not cause excess mortality – it has a survival rate of 99.97% – the shots are now killing people. They have been causing excess mortality of up to 40% since September as a result of poisoning with the spike protein and of shutting off our immune system. 

Dr. Mike Yeadon will tell us how a group of scientists has even found concrete evidence that the makers of the vaccines are experimenting with lethal dosages to see how the lethal side effects can be manipulated in such a way that the population will not immediately understand what is happening [14:11].—dr-michael-yeadon-sounds-the-alarm/article_221655d0-7d5e-11ec-b3d5-5701b978e3d9.html

In his January 20 interview, Fuellmich elaborated, As we now know, they are trying to kill us [24:00].

The interviewer asked Fuellmich about the Swedish politicians getting payments to promote the vaccinations. He wondered if that could subject them to liability along with the vaccine makers. Reiner delivered the answer that could apply to the Swedish politicians, Canadian and United States politicians, government officeholders, and anyone who accepted payments to further this criminal agenda.

Yes, they’re all going to be part of this group who are going to be held liable, both criminally and civilly [34:27].

Suddenly I realized that the Canadian truckers might not only be repaid for the donations blocked from GoFundMe and GoSendMe, but they might also see retribution paid by the Canadian government officials responsible for forcing the vaccine mandates upon them. With Reiner Fuellmich’s COVID Grand Jury kickoff, the world could witness this seemingly hopeless situation resolved in favor of humanity by the might of the lawyers.

Reiner Fuellmich, a cosmopolitan member of the bar, it seems, was equally comfortable at trying cases on both sides of the Atlantic, and he admitted his small Corona Committee of two had been joined by upwards of 35 to 50 attorneys as the case grew.

This group of lawyers is now 36 or maybe closer to 50 lawyers. We all agree. After having looked at all these facts, I just sent them the latest interview we did with Mike Yeadon. But we all agree this is intent. They’re intentionally not just trying to kill our economies, but they are also intentionally trying to kill us, but in such a way that it’s not too obvious – so the people will keep going into the showers, so to speak. 

But it is absolutely undeniable. It is irrefutable proof that we have…Anyone who is involved in this and furthering the goals of the entire group is going to be held liable. And that’s why I think those politicians who you just mentioned – none of them is going to get away [30:30, 36:32].

Dr. Fuellmich described another group of experts who will discuss the intentional destruction of our economies to corral us into accepting a global digital currency with the controlled crash of the US dollar. The final group of experts, including a Holocaust survivor, will explain how the other side’s agenda includes population control using Eugenics. Attorney Fuellmich concludes his Opening Statement with this,

After you have heard all of the evidence, we have no doubt that you will recommend indictments for all our putative defendants for Crimes Against Humanity. Thank you [17:54].

Fuellmich explained the process of this grand jury investigation to the reporter in January when asked about it.  

Our case will be modeled after an American grand jury investigation. Why do we do that? We want to be credible. This is the first step. What do you do in a grand jury investigation? This is a very American approach…when you have serious criminals to deal with. You want to get an indictment against them, but you don’t want them to know that you’re investigating them. 

Then you take the evidence that you have. 

We have all these experts, we have all these other witnesses, we have all the lawyers. You take the evidence and present it to a jury, usually of twelve people. We present it to our viewers, because our viewers are going to be the jury. And then the jury decides at the end of this proceeding – we think it’s going to be eight days or so, maybe ten – at the end of this proceeding the jury decides, is this enough evidence to return indictments against these people – we are very positive that is what we are going to get… [See mark 41:47]

Reiner continued, “There’s much more to this than just the indictments. What we really want to do – this is empowerment for the people. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to see the real, the actual facts. Not just that. We also want them to understand…the legal analysis of this.” 

What this boils down to is intentional infliction of harm. If you add this all up, indictments, the facts, and the legal analysis, it’ll be enough of a platform for everyone to understand that they not only have a right to resist, but THEY HAVE A DUTY TO RESIST – they have to defend themselves – they have to rise up…

All of us, the people MUST rise up, and we want to provide the platform for this…So I think this whole thing is going to come apart very, very soon. It’s not going to take years, it’s not going to take months…but we’re close to the end [42:45].

Fuellmich noted even those who did not suffer death or vaccine side effects should recover damages for at least their pain and suffering. Reiner’s team represents all of us, and we should support his efforts because he means not only monetary compensation but a return to freedom for us all. 

We will return to making our own medical decisions without government interference. We can again donate to worthy causes without having our bank accounts seized. We can watch the evening news again, but different people will broadcast it and we will hear the truth. We will likely see an end to Facebook and Twitter while we witness the extraordinary growth of GETTR.

The law throughout history stands as the great equalizer, that arbiter of justice that righted society’s inequities. It broke up Standard Oil Company when its power eclipsed the government. The law crippled the Tobacco Companies. Now BlackRock and the WEF face the same fate. Today it is Big Pharma’s turn to atone. When Klaus Schwab wrote about the great reset, Reiner Fuellmich’s case may not have been what he had in mind.

We will keep you posted as Dr. Reiner Fuellmich prosecutes the largest fraud in modern history.

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