The latest official data from the New South Wales Government in Australia shows that triple/double vaccinated Australians are over ten times more likely to be infected with the alleged Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus, than Australians who have not been vaccinated, suggesting they may be developing acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or the early stages of antibody dependent enhancement.

Here is the data from the New South Wales government website –


26 November 2021 to 1 January 2022

The mid point of the period from 2021 November 26th to 2022 January 1st was 2021 December13/14, when 93.2% were fully vaxxed in NSW, and 94.8% were first dosed. So 5.2% were unvaxxed –  

So the ratio of the case rates fully vaxxed to unvaxxed is 5.2 x 108,056/2,765 x 93.2 = 2.2x


26 November 2021 to 8 January 2022

The mid point of the period from 2022 January 2nd to 2022 January 8th was 2022 January 5th, when 93.62% were fully vaxxed in NSW, and 95.04% were first dosed. So 4.96% were unvaxxed –  

So the ratio of the case rates in the first week in January in New South Wales Australia was 4.96 x 159,325/787 x 95.04 = 10.56x

Or putting it another way 787 cases of Omicron cases in NSW in the first week of this year were in unvaxxed and 160,793 were in the singly or doubly or triply vaccinated.
This means that less than half a percent of the cases were in the unvaxxed and more than 99.5% of the cases were in the vaxxed. Now there is a pandemic of the vaccinated for you. Effective dose? Right. Well effective.

These massive increases in vaxxed case rates compared to unvaxxed case rates from 2.2x for Nov26-Jan1 to 4.15x for Nov26-Jan8 to 10.56x for Jan2-8 are largely due to Omicron being able completely to evade the vaccines and therefore lay bare the immune destruction they cause, which is covered up for in Delta case numbers due to a degree of vaccine efficiency against Delta..

So there it is. The Australians have confirmed that  the German Robert Koch Institut original case ratio of 186 to 4020 leading to a case rate ratio per 100k of population of 8.12x, was correct. And by now vaccinated Germans too will be not 8.12x but 10x more likely to catch Omicron than their unvaxxed brothers. And we ourselves have caught out the Robert Koch Institut. The extra 911 unvaxxed cases that they found post publication are now seen to be a complete fabrication. They Koched them up.

So right now, down under, vaccines make Australians over 10x more likely to catch Omicron. What a great medical intervention they are! Good thing the tennis players are all vaccinated eh? They will be spreading Omicron over 10x more effectively than their non defending champion Novak would have been able to do, had he not been deported and banned for 3 years..

It is very hard to believe that a vaccine which increases your chances of infection by 10x and is known to increase viral load in infected people, can at the same time reduce hospital admission rates and death rates. So we are back in an RKI situation again. A choice between two contradictory government figures. Either the case rates are wrong or the death rates are wrong. Here is a hint: Governments only rig Covid stats in Pfizer’s favour.

Here is how the hospital administrations can rig the death rates (they are quite obviously not rigging the case rates). You wait until an unvaxxed person is near to death. Then you perform a PCR test on him with a very high cycle rate (45-50). This will give you a false positive. Then you have your unvaxxed person who has died of/with Covid. Likewise they can rig hospitalisation rates by raising the cycles on PCR testing for unvaxxed patients.

The figure we need is how many unvaxxed patients came to the hospital due to covid. Not how many were discovered to have it asymptomatically after being admitted. The figures in the tables above do not add up. We know that the vaccines are more effective at preventing infection against Delta than they are against Omicron, and we know that any efficiency they have falls off with time, which can only be due to immune system degradation, since vaccines finish training your immune system after the first 2-3 weeks. 

So how is it that their efficacy against infection decreases very substantially, but their efficacy against death decreases much more slowly (if government figures are to be believed)? Perhaps the spike proteins are more damaging to your first line of defence, your IgA antibodies, than they are to your last line of defence, your IgG and IgM antibodies and killer T Cells etc. But even then. How can a vaccine which is evaded by Omicron prevent an Omicron infection becoming lethal?

Furthermore, the courageous, the outspoken, the principled and the unvaccinated Dr Steve James in his interrogation by Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain, insisted that in all his time on the frontline in the ICU in Kings College Hospital South London from the start of the pandemic, he had never seen a Covid patient die without at least one comorbidity. So most of these Covid deaths are not actually Covid deaths. So what has vaccination got to do with them?

How can a vaccination for Covid protect against a death caused by a comorbidity? That is what we are being asked to believe and it is not credible.

I am sorry. I do not believe it. I do not believe either the death figures or the hospitalisation figures. I actually find the case number figures themselves hard to believe, But they must be true because governments do not cheat in favour of natural immunity. We know that governments cheat because the chairman of SAGE modelling, Prof Graham Medley, admitted it to Fraser Nelson on twitter.

So as of the start of this year, fully vaxxed people are 10x more likely to be infected by Covid, than unvaxxed people and that means their immune system degradation is now (1-10)/10 = -90%. They are down to their last 10% of immune capability against Covid and against anything else that the Covid relevant part of their immune system is supposed to protect them from. The Expose predicted on October 10th that 30-50 year olds would reach 100% immune system degradation by Christmas. A 90% degradation by the first week in January across the board means that prediction was not far out.

Rich people have expensive security systems and employ lots of effective and well trained security personnel. We all are born rich immunologically. We are born with a fantastic immune system, which left to its own devices makes short shrift of all comers until age produces so many comorbidities, that our intensely loyal personal security force simply cannot fight them all at the same time. But it never gives up on us. Though it be a bull with a thousand lances in its heart it fights on regardless for every breath it can give to us.

If you believe in God, then it is his love for us that fights like a protective mother defending her newborn children for every cell in our bodies. If you believe in nature then it is the result of lessons learned from millennia of conflict passed down through our genes. Either way we should be giving a medal to the hero inside us, not defiling it with a medical intervention deliberately designed to destroy it in order to create a never ending market from immuno compromised customers.

I say deliberately designed to destroy our immune systems, because the vaccines should have been made not out of the spike protein, which is pathogenic, and comprises only 12½ % of the virus, but out of the other 87.5% of the viral proteins which are not pathogenic and would have given us a 7x more broad based immunity. Then we would not be in this mess. But this mess is no accident. It just happens to be the best possible scenario for the long term profitability of pharmaceutical companies.

One result of full blown VAIDS appears to be a massive increase in Sepsis, which occurs when the body is systemically conquered by a pathogen –

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