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The Queensland Health Department publishes comprehensive daily reports on COVID -19 infections and hospitalisations in all Queensland hospitals.

I have been keeping copies of these summaries once a week from February 2021.

You may not be aware, and it certainly has not been reported in the news, that since January 2022, just 4 months ago, an average of 55 persons per week have died in Queensland hospitals from COVID -19.

The Queensland vaccine rollout started in Queensland late March, 2021.  Before that date the COVID -19 death toll for the entire state stood at 6 persons and remained steady until the death toll rose by 1 to 7 in mid April 2021.   There were zero extra covid deaths recorded in Queensland from that date until 9th January 2022. Then it happened.

COVID -19 hospital data since January 2022 to 23rd April 2022 show a weekly average of 498 persons occupying beds.  In the same period in 2021, before the vaccine rollout,  the average was around 50 persons.

The latest figures from Queensland Health show that on 23rd April 2022, 513 people were in Queensland hospital beds diagnosed with COVID-19.  15 of those in the ICU.  On the same date in 2021 there were  23 in hospital with O in the ICU. 

92% of the population are fully vaccinated.

I will leave with this brain teaser.  Only 7 people had died from COVID -19 from the start of the pandemic in March, 2020 until January 2022, when deaths started to skyrocket.  That is a bit over 2 years with at total of 7 fatalities recorded. 

The vaccine rollout started here in March 2021.  If the vaccine was touted to “reduce severity and deaths from covid”, why did the death toll rise from 7 persons to the current death toll of 835 persons in only 4 short months with over 90% fully vaccinated? 

For the statistically minded, that is a mind boggling increase of 11,825% .  It is obvious even to blind Freddy that the vaccines are not working as promised and could even be dangerous.  Why were these statistics ignored by our courageous media reporters?  Is investigative journalism dead?  The figures are there on record in the Queensland Health archives.

Are the deaths of 828 people in 4 the last months an acceptable outcome for a vaccination campaign when only 7 passed away in the 2 years at the height of the pandemic?

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