The Flemish government legitimizes and subsidizes a worldwide lobby organization openly pursuing globalism, states MEP Sam van Rooy.

The Flemish conservative party, Vlaams Belang, is demanding that the government cancel its World Economic Forum (WEF) membership. This year, the Flemish government will pay almost EUR 200,000 in membership fees to the WEF and approximately EUR 27,000 as a participation fee in their annual meeting in Davos. 

In a press release by Vlaams Belang, Flemish Member of Parliament Sam van Rooy stated that the Flemish government is legitimizing and subsidizing a worldwide lobby organization that is openly pursuing a well-defined ideological agenda, namely that of globalism.”

This agenda seems to have recently crystallized into the so-called “Great Reset,” which aims to create “a safer, more equal and more stable world” by “acting collectively and swiftly to renew all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.” They are striving for a world government based on climate hysteria and social control. 

WEF’s influence on the Flemish government’s policies

Because citizens in a democratic constitutional state are entitled to transparency regarding the policies pursued, MEP van Rooy asked Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon questions about the Flemish government’s ties and cooperation with the WEF.

In his reply, Jambon stated that the Flemish government “has no structural contacts with the WEF outside of its participation in the WEF meeting in Davos” but that there are “more regular contacts at the level of the Flemish government.” According to the prime minister, those contacts also aim to follow up on the various activities and projects that take place annually, including outside the Davos meeting.

Until 2020, the Flemish government paid an annual membership fee of 55,000 euros to the WEF. Since 2022, however, Flanders has been “promoted” to “associate partner” of the WEF, which requires a membership fee of no less than 175,763.87 euros per year. This contribution has already been paid for 2022; the same bill is expected for 2023.

About that “associate partnership,” Jambon states the following: “The associate partnership offers the advantage that Flanders can participate in more activities throughout the year and, in addition, projects are being worked on within a thematic platform, ‘Shaping the Future of Trade and Investment.’ Those activities and projects provide additional visibility and the opportunity to learn and contribute policy-wise.” So the entanglement between the Flemish government and the WEF is therefore increasing, says Van Rooy

Jambon also calls WEF membership ‘a policy instrument of the Flemish government to achieve the objectives of the coalition agreement. The Prime Minister announces that he wants further to strengthen cooperation with the WEF in the coming period.

Globalist objectives

According to Jambon, “the mission of the World Economic Forum is to improve the state of the world,” but that mission has turned out to be politically correct and woke: the WEF has an ideological agenda of inclusion, diversity, open borders, and climate and climate change. CO2 hysteria, explains Vlaams Belang. Jambon claims that “the WEF is not asking us to pursue a specific agenda,” but he adds that his “participation in the Davos meeting may result in policy initiatives.” It, therefore, seems very likely that the Flemish government is following the globalist objective of the WEF as much as possible in exchange for access to the WEF network of multinationals, banks, journalists, and NGOs.

Vlaams Belang MEP Van Rooy believes that Jambon’s answers are revealing in their vagueness and raise additional questions. He, therefore, asks that the Flemish government to cancel their WEF membership: “Exchanging ideas and attracting investments are, of course, laudable ambitions in themselves, but that should not happen in the context and under the auspices of the WEF, a lobby group which pursues a globalist agenda and can therefore in no way be regarded as a neutral forum for this,” explains van Rooy.

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