A Federal Court Judge has ruled that Australian’s do not have a right to worship.

Federal Justice Griffiths made the ruling yesterday in relation to a joint lawsuit filed by three evangelical pastors and several Jewish congregations.

Yesterday’s case, in particular, was seeking to allow members of the Jewish community to celebrate Rosh Hashanah next week.

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Federal Court on Wednesday, argued that the state governments selectively discriminated against religious groups in denying citizens the ability to congregate in Houses of Worship by arbitrarily deeming them “non-essential,” while allowing the public to gather elsewhere, such as in supermarkets and liquor stores.

AFL Solicitors announced the ruling on social media, saying: “Federal Justice Griffiths has FAILED to provide injunctive relief for plaintiffs wishing to pray in their House of Worship.

“The Justice says that opening Houses of Worship may lead to further community transmission, hospitalisation and possibly death for members of the public.

“He says discrimination between public worship and other retail outlets such as buying alcohol is a ‘complex policy choice’ which is not for the courts to decide.

“Religious discrimination is ACCEPTABLE in Australia if authorised by MINISTERS and PARLIAMENTS!”

The plaintiffs will have another opportunity in the coming weeks to further fight for broader religious freedoms.

Source – https://caldronpool.com/federal-court-says-australians-do-not-have-the-right-to-worship/