Must be the weather

Germany is experiencing a strange decline in births in the first quarter of 2022, totally inconsistent with their experience in recent years.

Fortunately, the vaccine-crazy German government already has the answer: it says people had so many children already, that they no longer want any.

Makes sense, right?

Just how stupid does one have to be to believe any of this?

Strangely enough, the German government did not yet blame global warming.

Babies born in Q1 2022, were conceived in Q2 or 2021. Here’s a chart for BELGIUM (not Germany) from Our World in Data. (Sorry, Germany is not in that data set). The arrow show vaccination of 18-24 and 25-49 year olds.

18-49 year olds were substantially vaccinated in Q2 (up to 30%) and then continued to be rapidly vaccinated in Q3. So the German govt is a bit liberal with the truth here.

North Dakota — Same Stuff, Different Place

Our reader Biswrest pointed out a most unlikely counterpart to Germany — North Dakota. Look what happened there. Per Provisional Data Reports for 2021-2022:

UK: 10% Decline

Taiwan: 23% Decline

Per taiwan government household report.


Most Important Question

If this is happening in Q1 in Germany after a MINORITY of 18-49 yo were vaccinated in Q2 2021, what will happen in subsequent quarters? Will the birth rate decline even further?

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