Dr. Graham Lyons has beaten the state after refusing a PCR test at the airport in 2021.

Graham outside the court late last year.
Photo: R. Puddy.

A win for the good guys.


After receiving home quarantine orders for 24 days at one point, and having a stream of officers visit his home, Dr. Graham Lyons has beat the state after refusing a PCR test at the airport in 2021.

Listen to the outspoken PhD researcher and freedom champion touch on his experiences below:

Freedom Adelaide.

“I basically told them I was a real scientist and wouldn’t be submitting to the test because I knew it to be fraudulent,”Graham notes as he recalls his ordeal since the beginning of 2021.

“It has been used as the foundation of this whole coronahoax to drum up a lot of cases.”

Graham notes being visited by 10 police officers at one point, who he offered some information in regards to why he was opposing state enforced mandates.

Graham spotted at a rally in January.

A $1,000 fine followed Graham’s refusal to submit to the PCR test, to which the aid of retired former judge Stuart Lindsay was enlisted to enter into a case with the prosecution.

If the case was not to be successful, the maximum penalty for this so-called crime could have been 2 years in jail or a $20,000 fine. 

“Can you believe this?! This is South Australia! … Living under medico-fascism!”

After a few adjournments, in which Graham was prevented from entering the courtroom for not wearing a mask, the case has since finally been dropped by the state.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty and the obedient must be slaves.”
“I see all this COVID stuff as lies and I don’t submit to it.”

The case was followed by the likes of ABC News and others, who used his objections to construct pieces about ‘conspiracy theorists’ in Australia during the pandemic period.

I wonder if these same MSM outlets will be covering the end result of this case?

Graham’s attentions will continue to remain in the Adelaide freedom movement, who are using their network and supporters to challenge the judicial system with a Judicial Review.


Graham has become more outspoken in the freedom movement since this ordeal began, appearing on shows such as SBS Insight, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, XANDREWX, Maria Zeee and more.

Source – https://tottnews.com/2022/03/15/my-body-my-choice-dr-graham-lyons/