We the People demand the full and immediate restoration of our inalienable rights and freedoms. NOW.


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This article was inspired by:

  1. The Declaration of Independence
  2. The First Amendment Right to petition the government for a redress of grievances
  3. A list of issues that are clearly being ignored by the World Health Organization as it is actively negotiating both a “Pandemic Treaty” and amendments to the International Health Regulations.
  4. A list of demands to make of Congress and each and every person who is running for elected office between now and the mid-term elections this November 8, 2022. Essentially, this is a job description for the 118th Congress that will take office on January 3, 2023

The battle to protect our individual freedoms must be won on many, many fronts all around the world. Please realize that the Declaration of Independence (1776) was supported by a small group of people who mutually pledged to each other their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor. We have not yet even begun to fight.

This is NOT a “petition” in which a number of names are going to be delivered to some official in an empty event that is just for show or publicity.

YOU will NOT be asked to “sign” this declaration. Your efforts to spread the word and join in the call for these demands to be met is how you will show your support for this cause.

The Declaration of Demands is designed to provide clarity behind which We, the People of the World, can unify our efforts to protect and reassert our rights and freedoms.

OBVIOUSLY, I give all credit to the writers of the Declaration of Independence for the inspiration behind the structure of the Declaration of Demands.

My personal effort is and will be to help coordinate with numerous groups and to help facilitate the taking of appropriate, peaceful actions around the world to restore and defend our inalienable rights.

Please feel free to add any additional demands, suggestions and/or ideas that you may have in the comment section below this article.

Also, different demands may be appropriate in different states within the United States and in different countries around the world. Please feel free to submit your state-specific and/or nation-specific demands.

If you have the ability to translate the Declaration Of Demands into other languages, your support will be much appreciated. I welcome everyone’s comments and contributions. Please comment in at the bottom of this article or contact me via email at James.Roguski@gmail.com



We the People demand the full and immediate restoration of our inalienable rights and freedoms.

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for a multitude of people around the world to come together to stand up in defense of their inalienable rights against the oppression and abuse heaped upon them by the Fascist collusion of government, corporations and non-governmental organizations working together to strip the people of their many freedoms, a decent respect for the opinions of mankind requires that we should declare the causes which impel us to seek redress of our grievances.

It is abundantly clear that governments, corporations and organizations around the world have collectively infringed upon our inalienable rights of: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

When a long train of abuses and usurpations, invariably pursuing the same goal, demonstrates a design to place We, the People of the World, under absolute despotism, it is our right and it is our duty to stand up for our rights.

We have brought these issues to the attention of those who hold office as our public servants multiple times, only to be confronted with skepticism and censorship of our attempts to expose the facts.

We have repeatedly demanded that they cease and desist in their attempts to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us.

We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity to disavow these usurpations, but they have been deaf to our pleas for justice.

We The People have endured more than enough abuse of our inalienable rights and freedoms under the guise of protecting our health.

People, and especially children, are being injured, maimed and, yes, even killed.

We cannot accept this.

We are compelled to TAKE ACTION.


  1. The good of any nation is the sum total of the benefits enjoyed by all its people. The inalienable human rights of each individual supersede the privileges of  any and all international organizations, nations, states, provinces, cities or other groups that derive their existence from We, The People of The World.
  2. Governments do NOT have the authority to suspend human rights because of so-called “emergencies.” The declaration of an “emergency” does not give anyone the right to infringe upon anyone else’s inalienable human rights. Regardless of the scope and/or severity of any disease outbreak or real pandemic, human rights remain inalienable and may not be abridged.
  3. Health care must be guided by clinical/medical practitioners (not politicians, academics or “public health” bureaucrats) and decisions must ultimately be made based on the individual’s choice.
  4. Discrimination based on medical status is wrong and must not be permitted in any form whatsoever.
  5. Health care, including pandemic response, must be decentralized. Power and governance must flow from the bottom up, not from the top down.
  6. Our focus must be on providing clean drinking water, without chemicals or additives, along with pure and uncontaminated food, and adequate nutrition, including unrestricted access to all nutritional and herbal supplements.
  7. We must focus on the fact that large numbers of people around the world regularly suffer and die from cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and many other diseases. We must focus more of our attention and resources on solving these clear and present health problems, rather than focusing on possible future risks.


We the People pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor to defend the following inalienable rights until the day of our death.

  1. Each individual has the right to publicly express their own opinion regarding the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of any health related policy or treatment in spoken and/or written form. Every person’s experience is a valuable scientific observation and must NOT be censored. Opinions are NOT “fake news.”
  2. Each individual must be in control of the ultimate decision to utilize any and all health-related treatments, medications, and nutrition, as they deem necessary to improve and/or maintain their health. 
  3. Each individual has the right to withhold their consent and refuse treatment of any kind, at any time, regardless of whether there is a declared “emergency” or not.
  4. Each individual has the right to travel free from any lockdowns, quarantines, vaccine passports, digital-IDs, mask mandates, social distancing or any other attempts to impede their freedom of assembly or movement.
  5. Each individual has the right to freedom from discrimination based upon any demand upon any person to undergo any form of medical procedure, including testing. Discrimination based on personal health choices is unacceptable in employment or education matters, when accessing public and private institutions, organizations, private businesses or other locations.
  6. Each individual has the right to visit with family and friends, who may be suffering through an illness, in order to provide them with love and emotional support.
  7. Every parent has the right to exert ultimate authority over the health care provided to their children.
  8. Every medical professional has the right to practice in a manner that is directed by their experience and wisdom, free from bureaucratic dictate.
  9. Every medical professional has the right to recommend safe, essential medications “off label” and suppliers must provide those medications to We the People of the World, as has traditionally been the case.
  10. Every government, every corporation and and every organization must respect and honor all of these inalienable rights despite any declaration of a state of emergency.


We the People demand that the following changes be enacted with immediate effect:

  1. WE DEMAND that the use of the COVID-19 injections be immediately stopped worldwide. #StopTheShots
  2. WE DEMAND an immediate halt to all emergency declarations, lockdowns, curfews, travel restrictions, and mandates of every kind.
  3. WE DEMAND that the injuries and deaths caused by the COVID-19 injections and treatments such as remdesivir, midazolam, paxlovid, molnupiravir and other treatments be subjected to full and transparent investigations by a worldwide body of doctors and scientists, who are free from conflicts of interest, and the results of these investigations be reported publicly as soon as possible.
  4. WE DEMAND that the diagnosis of disease must meet clearly predefined criteria and must be agreed upon by each individual.
  5. WE DEMAND that the cause of death must meet clearly predefined criteria and must be agreed upon by the next of kin.
  6. WE DEMAND that autopsies be performed whenever such procedures are requested by the next of kin.
  7. WE DEMAND that government officials be held accountable for false, inaccurate and/or misleading statements.
  8. WE DEMAND that all government contracts be made fully available to the public.
  9. WE DEMAND that the governments of the world pass legislation to eliminate the conflict of interest involving government employees, international organizations, academic institutions, the pharmaceutical industry and the media.
  10. WE DEMAND that every batch of every pharmaceutical product including drugs, testing equipment, personal protective equipment and injectables undergo rigorous testing and chemical analysis and be delivered with an independent analysis report of all ingredients and contaminants found in the product.
  11. WE DEMAND clear evidence of causality including true isolation of any pathogen and proof of pathogenicity according to Koch’s postulates.
  12. WE DEMAND that RT-PCR testing NOT be used to diagnose “cases” of infectious disease and that, whenever it is used to assist clinical work, the cycle threshold and the genetic sequences that were tested for MUST be included with the laboratory reports and in all official data collection programs.
  13. WE DEMAND that absolutely no restrictions be placed on access to nutritional and herbal supplements.
  14. WE DEMAND that natural therapies, including, but not limited to acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), herbalism, nutrition and many other systems of health maintenance and health care, be treated on an equal footing with pharmaceutical drugs,  including, but not limited to inclusion in medical school training and licensing of doctors.
  15. WE DEMAND that the World Health Organization (WHO) must stop its attempts to secure additional legal authority/sovereignty over the people of the world. The WHO is currently involved in discussions of a “Pandemic Treaty,” as well as ongoing attempts to amend the International Health Regulations while they have absolutely failed to address the important DEMANDS made by We the People. The WHO must be exposed, stopped, defunded and abolished.

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