Andrews has been closely associated with unions from the beginning of his reign, largely ascending to office based on a generous promise to members of Victoria’s ambulance union. Nearly a fortnight ago when the CFMEU’s own members attacked its head office over its support of the Victorian government’s Covid tyranny, Andrews panicked and shut down the entire construction industry.

All these factors could indicate that the Victorian Premier has inappropriately close relationships with these powerful unions.

It has been reported that Victoria’s corruption watchdog IBAC will examine the Premier’s conduct as part of its investigation.

A secret investigation into Victoria’s fire services has been ongoing since 2019, probing allegations of corruption and financial mismanagement.

Between 2014 and 2019 the firefighters’ union leader Peter Marshall tried to influence an industrial deal and a reform package to benefit his members.

IBAC has seized mobile phones, laptops and dozens of USBs belonging to the union or Mr Marshall, according to The Age.

This makes for incredible timing. Last week NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was forced to resign because she is under investigation by ICAC, NSW’s corruption commission. Now there are calls for Andrews to do the same:

‘The former premier of NSW resigned because she was under investigation by ICAC,’ said Liberal MP Tim Smith.

‘The premier of Victoria is under investigation by our anti-corruption commission IBAC, why hasn’t the premier stood down?’

Clive Palmer has pointed out that a Sydney lobbyist for Pfizer and AstraZeneca has the whole NSW Liberal Party in his pocket. Shortly after Gladys resigned her deputy followed suit, supporting suspicion that the Liberal Party’s leadership are beholden to outside interests and are running scared.

The imputation is that Australia’s political leaders are being blackmailed – if they implement lockdowns, vaccine passports and vaccine mandates, the corruption investigations go away. Intriguingly, last week Andrews issued a decree that vaccines would become mandatory for all “authorised” workers from October 15, leading to accusations abroad of human rights abuses. He has also signed the whole of Victoria over to the Strong Cities Network, a shady organisation which falls under the umbrella of the UN and international financiers.

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