“Carbon emissions are killing us” they say, shoving sky rocketing graphs in our faces.

There’s definitely a climate emergency, but it’s not what you think it is.

Firstly, what is “carbon”?

It is life, essentially. It is an essential part of the life cycle. It is a type of gas produced by death, but it feeds life. Plants need it to survive, for them is it their food source. That was taught to us in primary school, do you remember?

Someone made a great point recently, that if there was so much carbon, why aren’t the plants thriving?

One of the most important steps in science is observation. If more people were observant, more people would comprehend that the problem isn’t carbon.

The next most important thing in science is comprehending that you can manipulate just about everything for the right money.

Or under blackmail.

Did you know that if you want to be successful as a scientist, you don’t get to be unbiased and look for actual answers. You get paid to find results for big industries and corporations.

That’s the only way you get paid and published.

But don’t take my word for it, read more about how science is bought and paid for in this highly researched PubMed article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9062939/?fbclid=IwAR3d9lYAQw8qfUcL-5VJolIiTvCIh3bIZ_SyLnHzAOzuMIOXeHy5flhMeT4&fs=e&s=cl

Of course, there are scientists that still have integrity, but the science community, pressured by their paying parties, shut down the good ones as crazy conspiracy theorists.

Or they end up dead. Whichever works.

Just like Aaron Traywick whose work was stolen then suddenly being used by Big Pharma.

Or Brandy Vaughan, a Big Pharma whistleblower, who often said that if she was found dead we’d know why. She was 47, healthy and had a young son.

Remember how climate change used to be called “global warming”? But the science kept getting in the way. Dang it!

So they had to change it to “climate change” and use different science, doctor it a bit to look bad, plug it hard through media, schools, universities and BOOM!

A new industry is created.

You see, they’ve taxed everything else. They needed to find a way to tax the very air we breathe.

Back before the current system used to measure C02 (that’s the scary carbon everyone’s trembling at, aka plant food), there was the system that was getting in the way. The one that told us the C02 levels were actually pretty normal.

Well, that wasn’t good for business.

So they scrubbed the web and paid a bunch of scientists to forge a new path for the “green” industry – you know, all those disgustingly wealthy, suit and tie, old men in private jets. Did you know Bill Gates is the second highest producer of carbon? But he’ll be the first to tell you that you are “destroying the planet” by having the nerve to allow your cow to burp without paying a tax.

Now we have terrifying graphs telling us we’re all going to die if we don’t submit to the ball and chain of their “green” industry. Buy their solar, their wind farms and electric cars. Purchase their 3D meats, crispy bug chips and plastic vegan eggs. Pay them their carbon taxes, carbon offsets and cow burp fees.

It’s ludicrous! Where is all this money going?

Not to anything that helps you or the environment, that’s for sure. Because none of this is about fixing anything, none of it is based on sound science, it’s all business.

It’s all based on money.

Here’s what the C02 levels looked like before they got changed to suit the “green” agenda:

Source: https://electroverse.net/according-to-direct-atmospheric-measurements-co2-levels-were-above-400-ppm-in-the-1940s/


As you can see, CO2 levels were much higher in 1940 then they are today. These statistics were found using Direct Atmospheric Measurements. This information was freely available at one point, but they’ve scrubbed it from the public’s view. The UN are proud to admit that not only do they “own science”, but they control our information sources as well.

Climate change is one of the biggest frauds of our time to get you literally buying into their new “green” industry and accepting international communism through world-wide governing bodies such is the United Nations.

Source – https://www.australiansovereigntyalliance.com/post/climate-fraud