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Hi Andrew.

I don’t know you personally but I hope you care about this country and that’s why you became a Member of Parliament in the first place.

Even if you disagree with Dr.Peter McCullough’s data findings and talking points, please don’t make Australia the type of country that blocks visas just because you, or others, don’t agree with that person. I disagree with a LOT of people who come here to host events, but I would NEVER advocate for you to block their entry…it’s really just basic freedom of speech principles.

It will set a dangerous precedent. One that I’m sure you don’t want your children and grandchildren to have to live with in the future.

You have an opportunity to uphold freedom of speech by simply allowing a law-abiding foreigner into the country because that should be his right. Deep down, you know that to be true.

Just to clarify, Dr.Peter McCullough isn’t even ‘anti-vax’ by the way. He advocated for the COVID vaccines when the rollout began and has advocated for vaccines in the past. However, after the data started coming out about the MRNA COVID vaccines, he was brave enough to speak out against the mainstream narrative. He’s been vilified and demonised enough for simply sharing data, don’t let Australia be another bully to a man who doesn’t deserve it.

Thank you
Monica Smit
Reignite Democracy Australia

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