Inconsistency of Ba5 Booster makes it uniquely dangerous!

So, the FDA just approved the new Ba.5 bivalent booster, based on a trial of exactly 8 mice.

Steve Kirsch, in a reply to my previous post about the Ba.5 booster being medical quackery, asked a question, what happened to the 8 mice in the trial? Did they die?

Given how amazing Steve is, I decided to take a look. Good thing I did!

The scientists extracted their blood for analysis.

Literally, the only data about these 8 mice come from the last two pages of Pfizer’s presentation. Pfizer analyzed their blood for antibodies:

Since this picture might seem indecipherable, let me first explain what it means. This picture shows the outcomes of three different concoctions:

  • BNT162b2 — the original 2020 Covid Vaxx — the first set of blue bars on the left
  • OMI BA 4/5 — Vaccine based only on Ba4/5 variant spikes only — the second set of red bars in the middle
  • BNT162b2 + OMI BA 4/5 — the so-called “Bivalent booster”, or a mix of Wuhan and Ba5 spike mRNAs that the Federal government plans on giving everyone in September. This is the circled set of purple bars on the right side of the picture. This last set is what we are interested in.

What do the bars show?

Each bar shows the ability of the given vaccine to produce “neutralizing antibodies”. For every vaccine, there are five bars showing titers of antibodies, affecting the neutralization of each variant: neutralization of the original Wuhan virus, Ba1, Ba2, Ba2.12.1, and Ba4/5 by that specific vaccine.

The higher the values in the bar, the better, according to the FDA, although in real life these antibodies are more like electrolytes in Idiocracy: they are only good for counting and do not stop infections.

So, look at that red-circled set of bivalent booster bars. You will see something strange: the Ba.5 bivalent booster was incredibly consistent producing antibodies against the Wuhan variant. (look at the CONSISTENT tag and the arrows). The consistency is perfectly exemplary. Each mouse got an almost identical amount of Wuhan-related antibodies. Good!

However, the bivalent booster was extremely INCONSISTENT when producing antibody responses against Ba.5 variant. Look at the rightmost bar. I created a custom picture placing that bar right next to the logarithmic scale so you can see the problem:

You can see that the antibody titers for the Ba.5 booster, against Ba.5 variant, are all over the place! One mouse had a titer of 300, two more had titers of 700, two more had a titer of 1,500, one had a titer of 3,000, one had a titer of 7,000, and the last one had a titer of 22,000!

So, the 8 Pfizer standardized Balb/c mice, quite identical and reacting identically at producing Wuhan antibodies, reacted WILDLY DIFFERENTLY when producing Ba5 antibodies!!! One of them had an immune reaction producing 300 antibody titers, while another similar mouse produced 73 times more antibodies, or 22,000 titers!

Did the mouse who got a 73 times greater immune reaction, feel sicker? Did the mouse who got a 73 times lower reaction, get no protection from Ba.5 variant? Pfizer is not sharing that.

Ba.5 Booster is Dangerous for People

Think for a second about what would happen if these were not mice, but people. Adam would get the Ba.5 booster and develop X amount of antibodies. Whereas, his counterpart Zack would get the same shot, but produce 73X, or 73 times more antibodies!

So, Zack would have 73 times more intense, severe, or however you want to call it, reaction compared to Adam!

Would Zack, with his 73 times greater reaction to the same concoction, be much more likely to die of myocarditis? Would Adam remain completely unprotected due to his 73 times lower reaction?

We have no idea!

Nobody has any idea about it: me, you, Pfizer, or the FDA.

But we are giving 171,000,000 doses of this inconsistent concoction to the American people based on this single-page 8-mouse data that nobody even bothered to look at closely.

Of the 171,000,000 future doses distributed, roughly 1/8 of them, or the highest-reacting 21,375,000 people, would have 73 times more severe and intense immune reaction than the bottom, lowest-reacting 21,375,000 people. Does that bother you?

Since people, of different ages, races, immunological histories, varieties of covid infections, are not as identical as Balb/c lab mice, the variation will, in fact, be even greater than 73 times!

All of the above is so obvious that I am wondering why nobody talks about it and why the FDA refused to even think about that slide for even a minute.

Vaccine advocates and fact checkers might object and say that mice are not people. I would agree! Mice are NOT people!

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