Senior Constable Craig Backman posted a statement on his Facebook page that outlined the issues that he has with the Australian government, the police force, public health, and the media.

What is interesting about this police officers statement is that it is coming from an individual on the inside of the Australian government’s Covid-19 response, and that he says everything about that response is based on lies, propaganda, and misinformation.

For those of us that have done enough research to understand that the World Health Organization, the Covid-mad government leaders, public health, and the now neo-Marxist mainstream media, have been collectively lying and deceiving the public about this ‘health’ crisis from the start, then there are no real surprises in Craig Backman’s statement.

However, this police officer’s whistle-blowing statement is another credible confirmation that something is very, very wrong about the global response to Covid-19 as orchestrated by the World Health Organization and its partners.

The question remains and is still unanswered – Why are Australia’s leaders, and other nations governments, lying to their citizens about Covid-19 and using it to try and impose authoritarianism?

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