Today’s provisional mortality statistics from the Australian Bureau of statistics make for more depressing reading. After 2 years of radical and experimental mandatory public health policy to strive for “zero covid at all costs (but we’re not paying, obv)”…. Australia is now running at 15,572excess deaths for the year above baseline (9% higher) and 8,308 excess deaths above the 5 year range. Before you ask, the majority of those deaths are from cancer and dementia (aka neglect). As of today, Australia is over 96% vaccinated (adults, i.e. those at risk of dying), and there are over 100 people a week listed as dying of COVID – and rising – making a mockery of those false promises made in 2021. 

Remember, many public health “experts” and decision makers have not treated a real patient in years. This democidal disaster is the result of giving them absolute power over individual rights “for your safety”. If this power is not removed from them and given back to the individual it is safe to assume that we can expect more of the same. 

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