I was born in Africa. And growing up there, I was acutely aware that there is a special bond between a mother and a child. There is something special about how Motherhood is viewed, and the empowering aspects of it. To the African peoples, Motherhood is sacred, and is a powerful spiritual component of the woman’s life. But somehow in Australia, and other Western countries, we have drastically lost our way with regard to “family” and this biological and spiritual bond.

I don’t want to take anything away from fatherhood, but this article relates to the special relationship from the womb to a lifelong relationship with that child – and in this case, to one mother I met in Queensland.

I could have chosen any one of several mothers that I met in Brisbane to write about (when I was in Queensland for Dr Pridgeon’s hearing). There are similarities in many of the accounts, but I chose this mother as she is not allowed to see her daughter unsupervised for the next fourteen years.

And if you add up the cost of supervision fees for those years it will amount to an amazing sum of around $100,000. (Yes, you actually pay to get to be watched by a stranger as you greet your kid for an hour or more.)

I was chatting to a friend the other day, and mentioned in passing (no details or names) this draconian 14-year “sentence” against this mother. My friend did not believe me at first. He could not believe that the law could operate that way, and that a judge would order the destruction of evidence of child abuse.

He went through his own logic and said, “Impossible. It could not happen in this country” (or words to that effect). The mother must have committed murder or was about to drive her car into a lake to drown her kid, he said. (In Victoria, in 2015, a woman, Akon Guode, killed her three youngest children by deliberately driving her car into a lake, and before that in 2005, so did Robert Farquharson.)

I assured him, no. They only thing the mum has really done is believe her child was abused. She “exposed” the crime, yet she is targeted as “committing crime.” And now she is considered an extreme danger to the child, causing the child psychological harm.

It is difficult to wrap one’s head around the female judge’s logic and order. But — perhaps to make sure she is not challenged in the future? — Her Honour ordered all the evidence to be destroyed. This woman judge not only silenced her, but also her child. Stunningly the mum has now been denied any rights of Motherhood by a woman judge – a natural right of being human on this earth.

Decomposing the Evidence

I had been in communication with this mother some time ago, but now, as I learn more how the system works, I have come to understand the sheer scale of the torture perpetrated on the innocents – and how “evidence” is dealt with.

I could say disposing of evidence is like one’s compost bin. The evidence in tossed in the “compost bin” and there it breaks down, heats up, by decomposing slowly, until it’s no longer recognisable. Just like the banana skins, or the broccoli stalks turning to compost and soil.

There is one thing that I can say for certain: should the general public become aware of the atrocities being perpetrated in the name of government departments and the courts, they will be ready for action. For now, at least one prosecutor in Queensland has a problem.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the DPP have now got over 40G of data from Dr William Russell Pridgeon’s and Patrick O’Dea’s computers. I suspect that on those computers will be evidence exposing many cases of egregious child sexual abuse.

There may be reports from Professor Freda Briggs outlining the abhorrent abuse perpetrated on children. It will surely be a treasure trove of information – and it is the prosecutor’s obligation to reveal any disclosures that are relevant to the case of “child stealing” that those two men, and others, are accused of.

I think the prosecutor has a problem, and I’m not sure where the AFP can go from here, except disclose to the public the many cases that O’Dea and Pridgeon had tried to expose. And allow the voices of many children to be heard.

Recall the Brady rule in the US – it says exculpatory evidence must be coughed up by the Prosecution at trial. The same rule applies in Australia, but the evidence I am referring to is inculpatory of the AFP.

The Voice of the Child

Before actually meeting this mother in Brisbane, I had been in communication with her, and was told about the many things her daughter had said. The child (around 3 or 4 at the time) said something along these lines to the mother (I believe it was recorded, and these are not quotes, but the essence of what was said):

“Daddy touches my gina, can I touch yours” (to her mother)

“He got bigger and bigger in the bath, and when he got the spots on my face and in my hair, I cried”

The mother recorded several ‘raw’ and graphic disclosures, but there is no need to go any further. Houston we have a problem!

Could this be a vindictive claim on her ex? Well, why would a protective mother be prepared to lose everything – and I mean everything – to protect her daughter from abuse, merely in aid of “vengeance”? The answer lies in the judicial principle of Cui Bono(Who gains?). On being accused of sexual abuse, the father began the most vindictive and orchestrated plan to discredit the mother. (But before we go on, I have spoken to fathers who are dealing with psychotic and vindictive mothers, so this account is just that – an example.)

Her account is mirrored by many others, and this mother was a successful person in her chosen career. Her family tells me she grew up with a good and caring heart. She followed the law. She reported child sexual abuse, and she believed it was her duty as a mother to protect her daughter. It is all our duty to protect an abused child.

But the child’s voice wasn’t heard. The mother was immediately accused of coaching, and the police and the courts failed the “Public Health Approach” to prevent child sexual abuse. Immediately after the accusations, the child’s father kicked his counter measures into gear. That is a pattern I have heard over and over. And then he began his vicious counterattacks to destroy the mother, and anyone supporting her. 

It appeared that this was his objective. I am not sure whether this was to keep himself out of jail – or whether there was an added pleasure destroying a life — as part of the “rush.” But that’s how it seems to works. And because of the psychopathic behaviours, which include feeling no remorse, the child’s life begins to disintegrate – on top of the sexual abuse perpetrated.

Now some readers might be justified in saying to me “But you are hearing one side of the story.” Granted, the abuser has not written to me laying out his case. OK, but my focus is on what is occurring with the child. Is the child happy with the court’s decision? Is the voice of the child being heard – or disregarded?


It feels like we exist in a  pathocracy — a system of government created by a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of normal people. And where empathy has no place. This results in corporate leaders, bankers, media executives, government officials, Congressmen, Senators, and even Presidents and Prime Ministers, supporting systems that have little regard for truth. The entire fabric of society is unbalanced, where this twisted behaviour becomes the norm. And then Royal Commissions have to be called to bring these to the attention to the public, and attempt to pull these behaviours back in line.

It means a department or a court can no longer gauge how to react ethically, or how to demonstrate empathy. And the result is the organisation that is set up to protect children, is unable to. Good people struggle in systems unable to gauge pain, grief, love or know how to understand the bond between mother and child, or family.

But remember, a psychopath has no prescribed gender. I spoke at great length with a man the other day who had partnered with a woman, who turned out to be a psychopath – and he described in detail her modus operandi to destroy him. He described how this person was unable to experience normal emotions, understand — for example — the joy experienced by others. So his partner was compelled to disrupt that joy to attain her own “kick.” Through his suffering, he even felt sorry for her.

And the mother I am writing about today says her once-partner is a psychopath. She told me:

“Going to court with a psychopath, is like torture. It’s like waterboarding. Instead of interrogating the offender they interrogate the victims. It’s a one sided war… He is a pathological liar, and has no capacity for empathy incapable of love, intimacy or reciprocity. Life is a game to him, and it is all about winning. Now the draconian orders are in place forever, and they have ruined my life.”

But it was the system that facilitate her destruction. It was a female judge that executed the orders. He played the victim, but she tells me it was really the officers of the court, the police, ICL lawyers, family court consultants, magistrates and a series of judges that employed mob tactics. They “ganged up”, and humiliated, and intimidated her. Did the child even enter the equation?

To repeat: I have received phone calls from most states in Australia, saying similar things. Maybe we all ought to go back to Africa and start again.

We are only now beginning to understand the dramatic influences of love and nurturing on our wellbeing and biology, and how this affects one’s life long adventure in this world. So it is only logical that separating a child from a devoted protective parent will have devastating affects on a child. We know for sure that it has a cruel and debilitating affect on the protective mother (or father).

Convicts and Exile

We tour Port Arthur with horror in our hearts at what judges did that back then. And it is a shock to realise it is happening right now. It seems that we are still operating like they did in the early 1800s where mothers (for example) from the British Isles were often separated from their young children and transported to face a lonely future in exile down under for stealing a shilling.

In the case of this mother in Queensland — and her side of the family — fourteen years is a life sentence. An exile from family and normality. And all she wanted to do was to keep her child safe. And Guode, the woman who killed her three children in Victoria in 2015, has an 18 year jail term. She will be eligible for parole around the same time — 14 years.

Welcome to the country of a ‘fair go’. I have lived on four continents, seen poverty at its worse. But this is about the worst I’ve heard. I hope she sustains her strength, as I know the winds about about to change.

Australia, will soon be forced to re-calibrate.

Source – https://gumshoenews.com/australia-needs-to-recalibrate-with-regard-to-motherhood/