Late last year, the Australian Vaccination-risks Network (“AVN”) received the legal opinion of Julian Gillespie, an opinion that was carefully reviewed by a former Justice of the Federal Court of Australia, and a world-famous Queen’s Counsel (“QC”), who both deemed the legal grounds for Judicial Review to have merit. On 6 January 2022, AVN announced that the case will be pursued in a Federal Court. 

Gillespie is a retired lawyer and former barrister who has come out of retirement to fight a new legal battle, aiming to put an immediate stop to the vaccines in Australia.

It is hoped to bring an injunction this week to, at least, stop the roll-out of “vaccines” for 5- to 11-year-olds.  “We are going to ask for the injunction to be held in place for a week or two weeks so in early February, when the court re-opens again, we can bring the substantive case,” Gillespie said during an interview with Zeee Media on 11 January 2022.

Gillespie explained how the Australian government is lying about the number of deaths in Australia – both from Covid and Covid injections – and an “opaque body,” the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (“AHPPC”), is really calling the shots behind the rollout.  He also discussed significant court cases in Australia and the number of Covid injection injuries that are being seen in Australia.

Adverse events are reported to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (“TGA”). The National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (“NCIRS”) extracts adverse event information from TGA data to compile their annual immunisation reports. According to NCIRS annual reports for the last ten years there have been 3,500 adverse events reported and a consistent average of 4,57 deaths per year post-vaccination. But since the Covid injection roll-out adverse events have sky rocketed.

As of 6 January 2022, the TGA acknowledged 726 deaths had been reported post-Covid injection.  “The TGA, particularly Professor Skerritt who’s not a medical doctor, he likes to respond to those he says: ‘well, you know, we always have temporal deaths associated with vaccines.  There’s always going to be people who die naturally after vaccines.’  We acknowledge that, we know that,” Gillespie said.

Skerritt obtained a doctorate in pharmacology and for the next 20 years his research focussed on wheat. Prior to being appointed head of the TGA in 2012, Skerritt was Deputy Secretary of Primary Industries (yes, agriculture) for Victoria. The person who is approving “vaccines” and making decisions on Covid treatments for Australians is an expert on wheat.

In prior years there would be about 10 deaths reported post-vaccination and on average four, 40% of them, are causally related to the vaccines, Gillespie explained.  Autopsies performed in Germany came to the same conclusion, 30-40% of the autopsies performed were causally connected or as a result of the Covid injections.  In Australia this information post-Covid injection is not available because “they’ve been trying to avoid them [autopsies] as best they can.”

Biostatisticians have been working on adverse events statistics for decades.  “When you see the majority of deaths occurring within 48 hours of a vaccination … it’s the *** damned vaccines,” Gillespie said.

The other factor that has to be looked at, Gillespie said, is the under-reporting in the adverse event reporting system.  “We have evidence, [doctors] are being told by their state health departments ‘don’t you *** damn well put in adverse event reports for vaccines otherwise we’re going to muck around with your certificate’.”

The TGA, and in particular the Australian Committee on Vaccines, did not independently assess the safety data from “vaccine” trials prior to the roll-out to the public.  The TGA simply assessed the summary of safety data given by Pfizer without looking into the individual cases of the trial participants, for example Maddie De Garay. 

“How many other Maddie De Garays are buried in that data which our guys in the TGA and the Australian Committee on Vaccines didn’t look at and independently assess?” Gillespie asked. It is a fundamental primary obligation to independently assess safety data. 

“Then we found out that the UK equivalent authority, the MHRA and Public Health England, did the same trippy thing. They didn’t actually read the data …  The TGA wrote up in the introduction to its provisional approval ‘Oh, but this has already been passed by the English and the US, everything’s okay’.  But if the English and the US didn’t read the safety data then who the *** damn hell has been responsible for the lives and health of the Australian community?”

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