“Up to $3 billion in promised power price relief for householders will be rebadged as a cost-of-living centrepiece in the May budget, after design complexities and disagreements pushed back the intended rollout date beyond April….. The $3 billion in power bill discounts, to be co-funded by the states and Commonwealth, will be kicked around by federal and state leaders at national cabinet on Friday, but nothing will be finalised……As part of the December deal between the Albanese government and the states to cap gas and black coal prices to limit energy cost increases, they agreed to co-fund one-off power bill discounts for low- and middle-income households.” (Financial Review 2 February 2023)

Another National Cabinet and still no minutes of the meeting.
Albanese said he would disclose the minutes of all National Cabinet meetings but surprise surprise he backflipped.

You’ve got to love how the media don’t hold him to account.

We do know that power bills will be subsidised by increasing taxes. In other words they are taking money out of your left hand and giving it back to your right hand.

This way these lunatics can pretend that renewable energy is cheaper when in fact it is being subsidised by higher taxes.

Source – https://gerardrennick.com.au/albanese-national-cabinet-secretive/