New South Wales data are statistically analysed to assess whether the experimental COVID- 19 injections have been effective as vaccines in reducing infection, severe disease, and death in the NSW epidemic. The NSW data show that the experimental COVID-19 injections did not function as vaccines, because they did not decrease, but increase, infection, severe disease and death. Therefore, COVID-19 vaccination mandates cannot be reasonably enforced with the experimental COVID-19 injections which do not function as effective vaccines.


The official raw data displayed simply and in full perspective have led to conclusions which are opposite to those proclaimed11 by the NSW health minister, Hon B Hazzard, who has been misinformed and misled by health experts and official reports as mentioned above.

The belief that COVID injections are “95% effective” has been proven empirically false by real-world NSW data. The false belief originated in the results of limited clinical trials12 which are considered the “gold standard” of randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trials.

However, those clinical trials are inappropriate for real-world epidemiological applications, because they are static, not dynamic, and they do not control for many relevant factors including demography, geography and varying population health status13. Put simply, clinical results have been shown to be invalid for NSW epidemiology.

In view of the strong evidence, many have conceded that COVID injections have been ineffective as vaccines, but put the blame of failure on new variants due to virus mutation over time. Since COVID injections were developed and tested only against the first variant, we question why they continue to be used for new variants when they are no longer effective.

Though many concede that COVID injections do not reduce infection or transmission, they rationalize by the false claim that COVID injections reduce the severity of disease and deaths. The two-month clinical trials did not test for safety and did not comment on the safety of the injections, which will be formally assessed by the FDA in 2023. In the interim, NSW data presented in this paper show that the COVID injections are unsafe according to traditional criteria.

There are now over one thousand papers published14 to explain how the COVID injections can cause severe diseases and deaths, enormous numbers of which already have been reported globally to databases of health authorities as adverse events. Despite likely substantial underreporting of deaths, some lethal consequences may be captured in national all-cause mortality statistics. Australian data15 show significantly higher excess mortality of 8,517 deaths in 2021 after COVID injections versus 1,366 deaths in 2020 before injections.

The NSW Government has not allocated adequate resources to investigate reported adverse events associated with the injections, which have significant safety risks for which the public has not been properly informed. Health care workers witnessing at first-hand adverse events are likely to become “vaccine hesitant”. In January this year, almost 1,000 NSW health workers16 quit or were dismissed after refusing to get the experimental COVID injections. The health sector has become so understaffed, particularly in rural and regional areas, that the NSW health system is nearing collapse.


From NSW data, this paper has shown that the Public Health (COVID-19 Vaccination of Health Care Workers) Order (No 3) 2021 is based on a false assumption that the experimental COVID-19 injections function as vaccines. The injections were associated with a worse epidemic, with increased infection, transmission, severe disease and death, showing enhanced risks without discernible overall benefit. Therefore, without functional vaccines, vaccine mandates cannot reasonably be enforced on anyone, including health care workers.

Source – https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Wilson-Sy/publication/361507107_A_statistical_evaluation_of_COVID-19_injections_for_safety_and_effectiveness_in_the_New_South_Wales_epidemic/links/62b5a704dc817901fc78efb9/A-statistical-evaluation-of-COVID-19-injections-for-safety-and-effectiveness-in-the-New-South-Wales-epidemic.pdf?origin=publication_detail