But Eric Topol says there is “no evidence” that the vaccine causes harm. That’s reassuring. So Eric, if it isn’t the vaccine, what IS causing it? He blocked me. Can you ask him?

Watch this exclusive 30 second video of Kimberly Biss, MD an OB/Gyn in Tampa Bay, FL explaining what they’ve observed in their large practice:

However, Dr. Eric Topol, who is an expert on the COVID vaccine, says this isn’t caused by the vaccine

I’d love to know what IS causing it, but Dr. Topol blocked all of my accounts on Twitter and Twitter has banned me for life twice, so I am not allowed to ask that question.

It cannot be COVID since the problem only surfaced after the vaccines rolled out. So his explanation just doesn’t fit the observation.

Source – https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/50-increase-in-miscarriages-50-decrease