Dr. George Fareed delivered this speech at the Paris International COVID Summit (ICS) in April 2022. He reviewed how he and Dr. Brian Tyson saved more than 10,000 patients from COVID-19 using cheap and widely available repurposed drugs.

“This is the most important speech of my life. No one needed to die from COVID…We have treated now well over 10,000 patients. From my experience, let me state it boldly. No one needs to die from COVID. No one should die from COVID. COVID was a treatable disease. If we treated COVID early, no one died. All the patients we treated early and adhered to our treatments lived. They were mostly adults with comorbidities. Sometimes we treated elderly people in their eighties and nineties [1:10].”

What was this life-saving protocol that Drs. Tyson and Fareed employed?

“Our regular treatment protocol comprises HCQ (hydroxychloroquine), IVM (ivermectin) – if needed fluvoxamine – and always doxycycline or azithromycin, zinc, Vitamin D3, aspirin, and more recently in the last year monoclonal antibodies. We follow the algorithm developed by Dr. McCullough and his American and International colleagues [4:14].”

Fareed continued, “In the first year we saved all of 4,376 patients…and the hospitalization reduction was 99.74% [4:53].”

Dr. Fareed explained that the deliberate ignoring of this treatment by the US and other countries was a disgrace as it would have saved the lives of up to 90% of those lost had the Tyson/Fareed protocol been implemented.

“It was a disgrace that this was not the standard of care for COVID in the US and globally. Its more than a disgrace; it’s a tragedy, and my estimation is that 90% or more of the one million fatalities in the United States would not have occurred if early treatment had been used [5:20].”

But then, Dr. Fareed disclosed the very dark fact that a massive disinformation campaign was launched to prevent the average citizen from getting this life-saving information. Instead the population was misled into believing vaccines were safe and effective. However, what was even darker was that the FDA knew from the safety data that they helped conceal the truth that these vaccinations were associated with severe adverse effects.

“There was a massive disinformation (campaign) disseminated among the population. Our patients were told vaccines were safe and effective, and they were indoctrinated there was no early treatment for COVID. NOTHING COULD HAVE BEEN FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. I had the Pfizer vax in December 2020, and I developed a tremor of my left hand and fingers within months of the two doses. It didn’t protect me from any COVID infection. What we were told contradicted the facts…We know these vaccinations were neither safe nor effective. We were lied to. They should never have been used, even for emergency use [5:18].

Always self-deprecating, Dr. Fareed considers himself just a family doctor. He explains that he would never have envisioned himself addressing the nation through his US Senate Testimony, speaking to millions on national television, being invited to speak at the International COVID Summit in Rome, and now at the International COVID Summit in Paris.

He also points to the book he and Dr. Tyson wrote about their experience, Overcoming the COVID Darkness; How Two Doctors Saved 7,000 Patients.

Fareed and Tyson are giants in their monumental and heroic effort to save thousands of COVID patients from death. They did so against all odds and fighting the full force of the United States Government, NIH, FDA, and Pharmaceutical Lobby. They did so against the weight of the mainstream media. As a result, both Fareed and Tyson saw pharmacists refusing to fill their prescriptions, at least at first.

Tyson hired a lawyer who threatened legal action against CVS if they continued to violate the law and declined to fill his valid prescriptions for ivermectin.

Dr. Tyson’s lawyer wrote this to CVS:

It has come to my attention that your pharmacy has refused to fill valid prescriptions for ivermectin…Curiously, CVS had been filling ivermectin prescriptions for patients of Dr. Tyson for roughly two years and only suddenly decided to stop.

That decision is illegal, violates the civil rights of Dr. Tyson’s patients, interferes with Dr. Tyson’s ability to practice medicine, and constitutes the unlicensed and negligent practice of medicine by CVS.

This letter is a courtesy request that you immediately resume the longstanding practice of filling Dr. Tyson’s prescriptions for ivermectin. Fail not at your peril, as the next letter will be aformal notice of intent to sue.

Not surprisingly, CVS resumed filling Dr. Tyson’s prescriptions for ivermectin. However, that is not the whole story, as the Medical Board also threatened Dr. Tyson’s license. But Tyson is committed to saving lives and getting the truth out. His fight is bigger than just the right to use repurposed drugs in a pandemic. It has become a fight for human rights to preserve medical freedom.

Today Dr. Tyson is taking further action. He is running for Congress, and his goal is to make a difference as a California lawmaker. And heaven knows, by the looks of the current pending legislation, California citizens are in for a world of hurt.

Look no further than the bills recently introduced by Dr. Richard Pan, a pediatrician lawmaker whose ambitions seem in lockstep with the Great Reset.

Regardless of the pandemic ending with more than 90% of the population having robust antibodies, much of this secondary to natural immunity, Pan wants to make it mandatory for ALL EMPLOYEES AND INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS in California to be vaccinated – regardless of the size of the business, AND NO EXCEPTIONS.

In addition, Pan wants to make it illegal for any physician to speak out against the COVID-19 vaccines regardless of how dangerous the data reveal. Pan wants to lower the age of consent for school children to accept the vaccine from age 18 to 12. Finally, Pan wants to be able to revoke any physician’s license to practice medicine who does not go along with the program. In addition, many of Pan’s proposals seem to invoke vaccine passports and a social credit system.

These laws are summarized nicely by Dr. Chris Martensen in the video below. His guest states, “They (these bills) are corrupting and dismantling the entire medical system as a result of this [18:30].”

AB1797 is a vaccine passport bill. “I should not have to show my vaccine status to go out and enjoy a meal with my family, go out to a movie, or frankly just engage in life. These are basic human rights. This is something that is likened to what was happening in Nazi Germany circa 1940 when they were segregating people…Now it’s based on what your vaccine status is…This is (just) the first step in automating your social status [5:30].”

Dr. Martensen points out that these vaccines don’t stop transmission and that the recent UK data show that 90% of the deaths occurred in the fully vaccinated.

“There is a lot of scientific data coming out now showing that people who are vaccinated are experiencing higher mortality rates that those who are unvaccinated -so this whole concept of public health and safety (as a basis to impose mandatory vaccination) should be off the table [7:57].

AB866 lowers the age of consent to 12 and imposes mandatory reporting of results to the Department of Health [8:40]. 

While getting one’s ears pierced in California requires parental consent under the age of 18, the proposed law would allow a child of 12 to make a medical decision that could result in life-altering consequences, including developing myocarditis and death.

This bill would also remove the personal belief exemption. The medical exemption would be moot with the companion bill, AB2098. This bill provides that any medical practitioner who opines against the vaccine would be subject to loss of license, meaning few doctors would wish to risk writing a medical exemption for a patient [9:00].

“Any anti-COVID medical opinion is unprofessional conduct subject to discipline by the Medical Board. And we all know that any doctor in the last two years who has been engaging in any practice that goes against the mainstream narrative…we know that these doctors have been hunted and alot of them are losing their licenses. This is just another mechanism for the state to come in and strip them of their ability to practice medicine [9:42].”

Martensen notes that an anti-COVID opinion is not explicitly defined. His guest remarks that this is by design so that the proposed law can be broadly construed against a physician who does not support vaccination or one that advocates for early outpatient treatment. Both opinions go against the government’s official narrative.

“I think we can see based on the last two years of history, that would be any doctor who advises a patient that getting a vaccine is not probably appropriate for them, that would be any doctor that states that early treatment like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, fluvoxamine – any of the drugs that we know are effective early treatment protocols – so that any doctor who talks about that will then be subjected to legal procedures from the California Department of Health under AB2098 should this bill pass [10:30].”

AB920 would give the Medical Board authorization to go into a physician’s office without a warrant or patient permission and inspect medical records without patient consent, violating HIPAA Privacy Federal Law.

The speaker notes that Senator Richard Pan has a history of introducing such bills, and he has been successful at getting these passed along party lines. But, sadly, very few citizens are aware.

SB871 imposes mandatory vaccination on children as a condition for attendance at public or private schools. However, vaccination itself is a broad and loosely defined term. It may require COVID-19 booster shots about every six months for the foreseeable future, regardless of natural immunity or any real scientific need for them.

Potentially the worst bill is the last, SB1464 which would require law enforcement to enforce California Department of Health guidelines. This would mean police coming to a family’s door to facilitate vaccination of children, adult employees or independent contractors, or almost everyone else who takes exception to vaccination whether or not they have experienced anaphylactic reactions, myocarditis, etc.

To fight this, Martensen recommends going to Unityproject.com to help educate the citizenry. “The State of California has gone to great lengths to hide these bills. This is not something they are openly publicizing. And there’s a specific reason for that. Because I believe should the average person in California read these bills, they would be horrified…So get involved, go to Unityproject.com and join our joint calls to action. And if you can’t get involved directly, you can donate; donations are always welcome. We always need additional resources – this is a big fight we have in front of us. I feel confident we can win. It’s really a matter of making sure people wake up and that they understand what’s happening [19:32].

Dr. Martensen’s guest mentioned that these California bills could influence the rest of the nation and need to be stopped, lest we are willing to surrender our human

rights to government dictates, namely privacy, free speech, medical freedom, and body autonomy.

Any reader who respects Dr. George Fareed and Dr. Brian Tyson’s heroic work realizes that early outpatient treatment will be outlawed for future patients and physicians if these laws pass. Realize that these midnight bills are being snuck by you and I under cover of darkness and deceit. And realize that if they pass in California, other US states will follow.

The battle to defeat these bills must be fought now, by you and I, through Unityproject.com and grassroots. Elect people like Dr. Brian Tyson, and defeat those who would rather see you enslaved under the New World Order. And as RFK Jr. so eloquently observed, “No one ever complied their way out of Totalitarianism.”

We must constantly speak the truth to those who remain hypnotized. Vaclav Havel transformed Communist Czechoslovakia from a Totalitarian State to a Democracy by writing the truth and sharing it through his speeches, his plays, and his books, and so can we. Drs. Fareed and Tyson were willing to risk all to save 10,000. The least we can do is donate or speak out through the Unity Project to save millions. If we want to preserve a nation where doctors like Fareed and Tyson are free to use their medical judgement and skill to save lives, we all must act now – or forever hold our peace.

Source – https://justusrhope.substack.com/p/10000-reasons-repurposed-drugs-work?