Maneka Helleberg

Maneka Helleberg
World Freedom Alliance



Chairman Freedom Sweden

Teacher, Mother, entrepreneur

Maneka is a mother of 4, lives in Gothenburg Sweden, is a teacher by proffession and an entrepreneur.

Since a very young age she has been active to expose the truth of what is really going on, unite people through grass-roots movements and e-democracy and bring forward good examples of best practice mainly through her work with Sacha Stone, Humanitad and the New Earth Project.

Maneka has since 2005 worked with scientists, activists and international organisations that share this vision. Her studies and cooperations includes International Relations, Human Ecology, Pedagogics, Ecology and Self-Sustainability, new paradigm entrepreneurship, consciousness, new energy technologies, e-democracy and organisation, social media branding and marketing and much more.

As an entrepreneur she promotes clean water technology, new financial models and investments and natural health for body and soul.

The passion for truth, freedom and health is based in a deep love for the future of our children and the world.

We all have a choice and we are all important!

Her motto is Amor Vincit Omnia – love conquers all!

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