Nigel Utton NPQH MOst
Co-ordinator of Strengthen the Individual
World Freedom Alliance

Nigel Utton MOst NPQH has a first class Masters Degree in Osteopathy. He withdrew from the Osteopathic register over their stance on the plandemic and is no longer able to use the title ‘osteopath’. His practice is in Norwich, England.

He is a recovering Green politician who resigned from the Party when he finally understood that climate change and environmental scaremongering were manufactured crises designed to lead humanity into an increasingly totalitarian, technocratic dystopia.

He now co-ordinates the Strengthen the Individual section of the WFA strategic plan. His major project is to transform education through our Education Charter ( which is linking together freedom-loving learning places across the world.

He studied QHHT with Dolores Cannon and conducts past-life sessions. He led our first WFA Spiritual Retreat in Athens drawing upon expertise from within our organisation.

Nigel is a recognised expert in the field of inclusive education. He was a teacher for 23 years, of which ten as a Headteacher and five as Teacher in Charge of provision for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. He is contributory author of Education, Disability and Social Policy (2011) and a regular writer and keynote speaker.