Dear Members of the World Freedom Alliance UK,


We are holding our first zoom meeting on Friday 23rd April at 7pm and would love you to be there.


I would love your help in getting us up and running in the UK.  There are as many ways to get involved as there are willing volunteers – your unique talents, skills and contacts are invaluable to us.


We are partnering with organisations across the UK, while working closely with our WFA friends abroad to share best practice.  I do not want to re-invent the wheel but want to work closely with organisations who are already doing amazing work – like the World Doctor’s Alliance, UK Medical Freedom Alliance, The Light Newspaper, Save Our Rights, The Freedom Network and Lawyer groups, Common Law groups and many others.


I do not intend duplicating the amazing local organisations who have sprung up organically across the UK – so have agreed with Karen Dodd of that we will encourage our members to join their local established group for support and encouragement.   I am sure many other groups already exist and we can work with them too.


I look forward to seeing you on Friday – I will encourage people to be like naughty (bright) children at school passing notes at the back of the class, to use the chat facility to make links with others (private chat) and to communicate with the big group.  I have also set up a telegram group which will be our initial point of communication with everybody.)
There are a lot of us – so I will encourage us to form smaller interest and geographical groups as well.  I am not a control freak and want to see this grow organically.




Sending love from a very sunny Norwich and look forward to seeing you all on Friday. (If you can’t get in to this zoom call because there are too many of us – don’t worry we will be holding many more.


Nigel Utton Co-ordinator WFA UK
Contact Nigel for the ZOOM link