Official Government data from around the world now suggests that all double and triple vaccinated people are developing some new form of Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, with data from Australia, the USA, Canada, Scotland, and England all clearly showing that their vaccinated populations immune system capability has been decimated when compared to the not-vaccinated population. 


Official Government figures show that fully vaccinated Australians in New South Wales are 2.2x more infectious than unvaccinated Australians. 

Here is a graphical presentation of the case rate in New South Wales by vaccination status from 

Source Data

The ratio of Delta cases to Omicron during the data period was 2,260 Delta (61%) to 1,424 (39%) Omicron according to NSW state government figures. So the Australian figures mainly relate to Delta which the vaccines are more effective against (they have next to zero effectiveness against Omicron, since they were designed against a spike protein discovered in 2019. They are now a 3 year out of date flu shot essentially). 

The mid point of the period from 2021November26 to 2022January1 was 2021 December13/14, when 93.2% were fully vaxxed in NSW, and 94.8% were first dosed. So 5.2% were unvaxxed –  

So the ratio of the case rates is 5.2 x 108,056/2,765 x 93.2 = 2.2x

So Australians in NSW are 2.2x more likely to catch Covid if they are vaxxed. So the vaccine passports holders are 2.2x more likely to spread covid than the unvaxxed who are denied vaccine passports and locked up in detention centres. The Australian figures have not been adjusted for age biasing. But age is not a confounding factor in case rates or hospitalisation rates. It only skews death rate figures. So there is no adjustment necessary. 

NSW reached half of the present fully vaxxed percentage (46%) on 2021September12. So the average vaccination age there was 3 months at the time of the data above.

We know that vaccine efficiency wanes over time (by which is meant that immune system capability wanes post vaccination since vaccines themselves cannot wane in efficiency because their job to train the immune system is finished after 2 weeks

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